Donald Trump will therefore be deprived of the megaphone of the 35 million subscribers of his Facebook account at least until 2023. Friday, the Californian company announced that it was suspending the former US president from its platforms (Instagram included) for two years.

Last month, Facebook's Supervisory Board confirmed Trump's suspension, but ruled that blocking him indefinitely was not in line with the company's charter.

🔴Breaking: Facebook suspends Donald Trump for 2 years and will reassess the risk posed at the end of this period (the Supervisory Board had ruled that an indefinite suspension did not respect the charter) #trumpban https: // t. co / zmE3hXtwaK

- Philippe Berry (@ptiberry) June 4, 2021

Facebook took the opportunity to unveil a new scale of punishments, with four levels (one month, six months, one year and two years) depending on the severity.

A repeat offense may result in permanent eviction.

Private Facebook for midterms

At the end of his two-year purgatory (which runs from January 7, the day after the attack on the Capitol by his supporters), Donald Trump's account can "be restored if conditions allow".

Facebook, which accuses the former US president of having "increased the risk of violence" with his statements about a "stolen" election, "will reassess the risk posed to public safety" on January 7, 2023. This means that Donald Trump will be deprived of his account during the midterm elections of November 8, 2022.

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