• Work accident.

    Worker dies crushed by a 'forklift' in the Pordenone area

  • Accident at work: two workers died of asphyxiation in the Pavese company

  • Accident at work in Florence: worker falls into a manhole, a flight of six meters

  • Accident at work in Matera: tractor overturns, a worker dies

  • Accident at work in the Avellino area, worker crushed by machinery dies


04 June 2021 Two workers died after falling into a tank, a few meters deep, in the Fratelli Martini winery in Cossano Belbo (Cuneo), in San Bovo.

The accident at work in the afternoon. The two workers were unconsciously extracted by the rescuers, who tried to revive them for twenty minutes, but in vain. A helicopter from the 118 Helicopter Rescue System was on site. The firefighters of Alba and Santo Sefano Belbo also intervened, together with the carabinieri.

According to the first information provided by 118, the two dead workers are 46 and 58 years old. Investigations are underway by the police, who intervened on the spot, to determine when it happened.

The accident occurred in the heart of the Cuneo Langhe, in a historic winery, founded in 1947 and famous throughout the world. 

Bergamo: accident in a plastic company

This morning at 7.44, in Leffe (Bergamo), in via Pezzoli D'Albertoni, at the Plastic Leffe company, a 59-year-old man died following a crushing trauma to the head and chest . The man, a hauler, would have been crushed by the load he was unloading from the truck.

Bologna: tractor overturns, 89 year old dies

An 89-year-old man died while he was maneuvering a tractor on his son's farm in Anzola Emilia, in the Bolognese area. The incident occurred this morning at 9: the carabinieri intervened on the spot. According to an initial reconstruction, the elderly man was crushed by the tractor which overturned for reasons yet to be verified.