The Lions will continue at the top of Group B of the World Championships when it knocked out Latvia on Sunday night with a goal of 3–2.

Over the weekend, the Lions had to face a tough test against Germany and Latvia, which had been forced to compete for consecutive days.

The result was good, as the Lions grabbed five points from the doubles.

- Two games in a day is a hard package.

Surely it was a bit visible in our play in this match, admitted the Lions head coach Jukka Jalonen after the match.

The play of the lions against Latvia exuded a surprising volatility compared to previous matches.

- At best, we played very well, but now our game performance was variable.

There were even a few more weak moments than normal.

Concentration and diligence were not quite in the pin and what a winning pitch requires is Jalonen.

Jalonen does not want to see a similar “high risk, high reward” slut in the future, which the Lions occasionally played against Latvia.

- Players made choices that do not serve the interests of the team.

We are trying to get rid of them, and I think we will.

You need to be able to play with the puck at times with a slightly duller pitch.

- When there is no game, then there is simply no game.

That is when people are not forced to force and try something that is not practically possible, Jalonen criticizes.

Jalonen's memory in the same breath also highlights positive things that are plentiful in the Lions team.

This is indicated by the top position in the initial block.

- Stretchability can be found.

We are able to win even with a little weaker game performance and drill up points.

It’s always a sign of a good team.

Not all games can dominate here or be consistently better.

On Monday, Leo has earned a flute day, after which Canada will meet in the final match of the first round, which is also a general training for Leo before Thursday's semi-final match.

- We have mainly played good hockey and we are satisfied with it.

The Canada game should be pulled well next.

It has everything in play.

According to Jalonen, the Lions World Cup project is currently on schedule.

- Let's move on slowly and work on the things that need to be worked on.

When Thursday gets white, then we have to be at our best.

- The situation is good at the moment.

There is no big concern, but there is nothing overwhelming here.

Resistance and stakes are getting tougher, and our performance still needs to improve, Jalonen said.