He grabbed his wallet after being assaulted

An unemployed man implicates his friend in the forced robbery of a businessman

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred to the Criminal Court two unemployed Gulf nationals (the first 28 years old), and the second (26 years old) on charges of forcibly stealing a businessman, after they spotted him sitting in a public parking lot in a car, so one of them got down, assaulted him, and stole a wallet containing money from him. 7000 dirhams, and later used his credit card to buy items from a petrol station, and their identities were identified, and they were arrested directly, and one of them confirmed in the investigations of the prosecution that it was his colleague who implicated him in the crime, and that he did not participate in or plan the theft.

In detail, the 34-year-old victim said in the Public Prosecution’s investigations that he was in his car in one of the public parking spaces below the water canal, then a car with two people approached him, and one of them signaled him to lower his car’s windows, but he refused, so he was surprised to get down, open the door and drag him out From his pocket a knife without showing it in his face, then he tried to punch him in the face, but he avoided it, so the accused saw a wallet in the car door and stole it, and fled.

A witness from Dubai Police said: “As soon as the report was received, the suspects were identified and arrested, and the first mentioned in the police evidence report, that he was traveling in his father’s car with the second accused, and he saw the victim and a woman in the car, so the second accused asked him to approach them, then He asked the victim to lower the glass window, but the latter refused, so the second accused came down, opened the door and dragged the victim, then punched him, threw him on the ground, stole the wallet, and drove off.”

He added that they went together to a petrol station in the Nad Al Hamar area, and bought items using the victim's credit card, pointing out that he made a mistake in this behavior, and that he did not intend to participate in this crime, or participate in it, and his role was limited to asking the second accused about the contents of the wallet, He told him that it only contained bank cards and he did not take any money from him.

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