The Houthi military media in Yemen said that the group's militants carried out a large-scale operation in Jizan on the Saudi border, targeting Saudi army sites. On the other hand, the spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition said that the Houthis' claim to carry out a military operation is a media fabrication to cover the reality of the situation on the ground.

The Houthi media indicated that the military operation in Jizan led to the killing of Saudi and Sudanese soldiers, and the capture of dozens of others.

Al Masirah TV quoted a Houthi military source as saying that the operation took place in the "Khouba - Wadi Jara" axis in the Jazan region.

Earlier, Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree said that King Khalid Air Base in Khamis Mushait had been targeted.

fake victories

On the other hand, in response to the Houthis' announcement of launching attacks on Jizan, the coalition said that the Houthi fabrication of imaginary victories aims to calm popular anger in its areas of control, and cover the reality of the situation on the ground.

The coalition also announced earlier on Saturday that it had thwarted an imminent Houthi attack using two booby-trapped boats in the southern Red Sea, in the second similar attack in less than a week.

The coalition added in a statement that the imminent attack was thwarted, and the two boats were destroyed off the Salif port, south of the Red Sea, stressing that the Houthi group continues to threaten shipping lines and global trade.

On Monday, the coalition announced in a statement that it had thwarted a similar Houthi boat bomb attack in the southern Red Sea.

Saudi media had reported earlier that a drone launched by the Houthis had been intercepted and destroyed towards Khamis Mushait (south of the Kingdom).

Yemeni army forces backed by tribesmen face the escalating Houthi attack on Marib (Reuters)

Marib battles

On the fighting fronts in Marib, central Yemen, military sources said that the battles in the region are the fiercest in 3 weeks, and Al-Jawf governorate witnessed battles, coinciding with intense coalition raids.

Yemeni military sources reported that the Houthis launched simultaneous attacks on Yemeni army positions in the Serwah district, and that the army responded to these attacks, amid reports of deaths and injuries on both sides.

Houthi media also reported that coalition warplanes launched a raid targeting the group's sites in Serwah.

For nearly 7 years, Yemen has been witnessing a war that has claimed 233,000 lives, and 80% of the population of about 30 million people have become dependent on aid to survive, in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the United Nations.