The three-star chef Anne-Sophie Pic was the guest of Laurent Mariotte in the show "La Table des bons vivant".

For the occasion, she unveiled one of her new recipes: infused butters.

An original idea to amplify the aromatic palette of your dishes. 

Anne-Sophie Pic, the most starred woman chef in the world, was the guest of Laurent Mariotte in the show

La Table des bons vivants


At the microphone of Europe 1, she confided to having taken advantage of confinements to work on many projects.

Among them, the opening of a restaurant on June 11 in Megève and the creation of new dishes for its various restaurants.

In her novelties, we find flavored butters whose recipes she graciously shares. 

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Aromatic palette

"Butters are a little bit new in this year's dishes", comments Anne-Sophie Pic.

"So there's the Matcha tea butter. I love it and it's the one that I use for the berlingot sauce, so a very green sauce. And I find that bitterness on the butter is just gorgeous. "

As a reminder, the berlingot is one of the chef's signature dishes.

It is a kind of dumpling with stuffing inside.

And the butter completes, sublimates the aromatic palette of the dish, pushing the limits of taste in a dish even further. 

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"There is another one that I also adore, Tonka bean butter. All the chefs know it, it arrived 15 years ago in French kitchens", explains Anne-Sophie Pic.

"And the Tonka bean is coming back in force for those who know."

Enough to promise bright days ahead in the butter-based cuisine, dear to the heart of Anne-Sophie Pic. 

Anne-Sophie Pic's infused butters recipe

"Impregnation consists of passing an aroma from one original product to another", explains Anne-Sophie Pic. "And the technique which ensures this transfer as faithfully as possible comes for me from perfumery: it is enfleurage. The enfleurage is based on an absorption of the flavor by a fatty substance. It is traditionally found adapted in cuisine in many cultures, from thyme or truffle flavored oil around the Mediterranean to Chinese rose baiju to Czech chléb se sádlem, an onion flavored lard. It was natural to me. , in this spirit of enfleurage, to link the impregnation to French lactic cuisine, with butter. Because butter has a great culinary place in France: this is what my grandfather André passed on to me from his learning to cook.These butters allow me today to integrate my creativity into this family tradition, by the impregnation and texture of infused butters. Very simple recipes, to enjoy simply on bread, or to languidly let melt on a vegetable, a fish or a meat coming out of the fire. "

  • Juniper butter and blackcurrant leaves


- 100 g of PDO butter

- 3 g of juniper berries

- 7 g of blackcurrant leaves (3.5 g of fresh leaves, 3.5 g of dried leaves)





Crush the juniper berries with a pestle: they must be finely crushed.

Blend the fresh and dried leaves in a blender.

Then work the butter until it becomes ointment.

Using a spatula, mix the butter and the berries.

Salt with fine salt. 

Let it rest in the fridge for 8 hours before tasting and let it rest for at least 30 minutes at room temperature before tasting.

  • Voastiperifery Tonka bean and pepper butter


- 150 g of PDO butter

- 0.75 g of Voatsiperifery pepper powder

- 0.75 g of grated Tonka bean

- 1 g of fine salt


Using the mixer, whip the butter until it becomes creamy and white.

Add the finely mixed Voatsiperifery pepper and the grated Tonka bean, let infuse for 12 hours. 

Once infused, pass through a sieve.

  • Rosat geranium butter, coffee and fir buds 


- 150 g of PDO butter

- 10 g of rose geranium

- 4 g of coffee beans

- 25 g of fir buds

- 1 g of fine salt


Let your butter cool for one hour at room temperature in order to make it ointment.

Mix the pink geranium leaves and the fir buds in a blender. 

Crush the coffee beans with a mortar.

Mix until smooth.

Leave to infuse for 8 hours and pass the butter through a fine sieve.

  • Matcha green tea infused butter


- 150 g of butter ½ salt

- 6.5 g of Matcha tea


Using the mixer, whip the butter until it becomes creamy and white.

Add the Matcha tea and let stand 12 hours.

Reserve in the fridge.