One of the most spectacular entrances to the Golden Venla Gala was the arrival of Sointu Borg, the winner of the Diili program, on the red carpet of the event.

Born in Leena Meslew's spectacular, shoulder-revealing evening gown, Borg really couldn't imagine a year ago that she would be at the Venla Gala and even handing out the award.

- Feels really weird.

I have always been at this type of event but at work.

When I got there on the red carpet, I was just wondering how to bump here now!

- But heartily, by doing you learn and it's great to get here, happy Borg said in an interview with ISTV.

    At the beginning of May, Sointu Borg officially and publicly started working for Jaajo Linnonmaa, and he describes that the work has started amazingly.

    Borg says he has now found a job where he really enjoys it.

    - Mehän Jaajo is working every day on its new start-up and building it.

    And we have a lot of other projects coming up.

    - And what's really nice is that it's really nice to work with Jaajo.

    We go personal chemistry together.

    Borg says that surprising features have been revealed about Linnonmaa.

    - There are many things that have surprised me in the run.

    Now we are just getting to know each other.

    He is a visionary and a showman, but I have been surprised that Jaajo is a true pedant in certain things.

    And really talented.

    It’s been awesome to follow that side too, Borg said.

    The chord Borg radiated in its costume on the red carpet.

    Photo: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva