, May 28. According to the New York Times, people familiar with the matter disclosed that US federal prosecutors are investigating several Ukrainian officials to determine whether they participated in the intervention in the 2020 US presidential election, including through the former US president. Giuliani, Trump's former personal lawyer, spread misleading claims about the current President Biden.

  According to reports, the criminal investigation began in the last few months of Trump's term and was handled by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn.

  According to the report, this investigation is separate from the ongoing investigation related to "Tongwumen", and Giuliani's activities in Ukraine are suspected of violating relevant rules of foreign lobbying.

People familiar with the matter said that although the two investigations overlap in some respects, Giuliani is not the subject of the Brooklyn prosecutor's investigation.

  The Brooklyn prosecutor and the FBI's investigation will focus on several current and former Ukrainian officials who are suspected of spreading unconfirmed allegations about Biden through Giuliani and others in an attempt to influence the election.

  According to people familiar with the matter, during the investigation, prosecutors discovered that Giuliani had met with several Ukrainians on a European trip in December 2019.

Among the current and former officials who met with Giuliani was a Ukrainian congressman named Andri Decac, who is now the focus of the Brooklyn investigation.