The Paper Journalist Cheng Ting Jiang Ziwen

  On May 28, a reporter from The Paper ( learned from Tsinghua University that He Zhaowu, a historian, translator, and Tsinghua University professor, died in Beijing on the morning of May 28.

  Public information shows that He Zhaowu, a historian and translator, was born in Beijing in 1921 (originally from Hunan). He was admitted to the Southwest Associated University in 1939 and studied in civil engineering, history, philosophy, and foreign languages.

  He Zhaowu served as an assistant researcher and researcher at the Institute of History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences from 1956 to 1986. After 1986, he served as a professor at the Institute of Ideology and Culture of Tsinghua University. His historical research works include "The History of Chinese Thought Development", and his representative works include Russell's "Western Philosophy". History, Rousseau's "Social Contract Theory", etc.

  In 2006, He Zhaowu launched the oral history "Shang Xue Ji".

Liu Chao, a scholar of literature and historiography, once commented, "This essay, which'condenses the history of the minds of Chinese intellectuals in the 20th century', has attracted much attention once it is released. In addition to letting people understand the education of the Republic of China and the growth of a generation of scholars, it also allows people to reflect on the current situation. The dilemmas of education."