Regarding the situation in Myanmar, Foreign Minister Mogi met with Special Envoy Bergner, who is in charge of Myanmar issues at the United Nations, and agreed to continue to cooperate closely, such as supporting the efforts of the ASEAN-Association of Southeast Asian Nations to resolve the situation. did.

UN Special Envoy Bergner has been visiting Japan since the 26th, and on the afternoon of the 28th, he met with Foreign Minister Motegi at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and exchanged opinions on the situation in Myanmar.

"Since the coup d'etat, Japan has consistently called on the military to stop violence and release detained officials. Last week, a $ 4 million emergency through the WFP World Food Program We provided humanitarian assistance. Japan will respond firmly to the voices of the Myanmar people who are having trouble living. "

In response, Special Envoy Bergner said, "I highly appreciate Japan's important role, past efforts, and the implementation of humanitarian assistance. I look forward to providing Japan's support and knowledge to resolve the situation. ".

On that basis, they confirmed that they would support together five initiatives, such as the dispatch of a special envoy shown at the ASEAN-Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit, and agreed to continue to work closely together.

UN Special Envoy "All parties need to participate in dialogue"

At a press conference in Tokyo, Special Envoy Bergner expressed the idea that it is necessary to realize a dialogue in which all parties participate in order to resolve the situation in charge.

Mr. Bergner, who has been a special envoy for the Myanmar issue since 2018, has been holding talks with Myanmar's democratic forces and officials of neighboring countries in order to respond to the turmoil after the coup d'etat, and from the 26th, he will talk with Japanese Diet members and others. I'm coming to Japan to exchange.

On the 28th, after finishing the meeting with Foreign Minister Mogi, I participated in a press conference hosted by the Foreign Correspondents' Association of Japan.

In this, Special Envoy Bergner said, "We must listen to the voices of the people of Myanmar and end further violence," and a dialogue is needed in which all parties participate to resolve the situation. I reiterated the idea that it was.

"This is the most important thing for me. I believe we can report some progress within a few weeks," he said, expressing his intention to do everything in his power to bring the dialogue to fruition.

Regarding the meeting with Foreign Minister Motegi, he said, "The Minister was very interested in the issue of Myanmar and was able to have a very constructive discussion." He expressed his intention to continue cooperation with the Japanese government. It was.