• Pakistan, Sana's body exhumed: waiting for autopsy results

  • Girl dead in Pakistan, father uncle and brother arrested on murder charges


09 May 2018 Sana Cheema, the young Italian-Pakistani woman who died on 18 April in Pakistan in a suspected 'honor killing' story, was strangled: this is what is shown by the results of the autopsy carried out by the Punjab Forensic Laboratory.

Autopsy shows "neck bone was broken", clue pointing to death from strangulation

The 25-year-old Italian citizen had left Brescia, where she had grown up, in November. She did not want to accept the arranged marriage that her father thought for her and for this she would be killed. It was the doctor who accused the girl's closest family members, says the secretary of the Pakistani community in Italy. At first it was reported that Sana had been slaughtered by relatives. Then in Pakistan the affair was closed as death from a heart attack.

The Brescia Public Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation, at the moment without the hypothesis of a crime and not even under investigation, entrusted to the deputy prosecutor Ambrogio Cassiani.

The father and brother of Sana Cheema, after the outcome of the autopsy, according to which the girl was strangled, face the death penalty or life imprisonment for murder. Police inspector Furqan Shahzad explained this to Ansa, adding that the victim's uncle remains under investigation. The formal opening of the case took place after the outcome of the autopsy.