NIS Chief Park Ji-won arrived in the US today (27th) five days after the Korea-US summit. Amid the analysis that it was a visit to take further measures against North Korea, which was discussed at the summit, there are speculations about the first visit to New York, not Washington.

This is New York Correspondent Kim Jong-won.

<Reporter> After

arriving at the New York airport, NIS Chief Park Ji-won left the airport without answering any questions from reporters asking about the schedule of his visit to the United States.

[National Intelligence Service Chief Park Ji-won: (What is your purpose of visiting the US?)… … .] While

discussions with the United States to resume dialogue with North Korea are expected to take place, even though there is a direct flight to Washington, it is speculated that the route to New York first is for direct contact with North Korea.

This is because New York has the only North Korean diplomatic mission in the United States, the North Korean delegation to the United Nations.

As the United States has raised talks to the North through the North Korean United Nations representative here in New York, some observations have suggested that Park is in direct contact with the North Korean United Nations, a dialogue channel between North Korea.

Park is expected to move from New York to Washington, DC sooner or later to meet with officials from US intelligence agencies.

It is expected that a meeting with CIA Director William Burns of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is expected, and a meeting with North Korea Special Representative Sung Kim, whose internal affairs were disclosed in the wake of the ROK-US summit, is also expected.

It is analyzed that the ROK-US intelligence authorities have begun working-level discussions to resume dialogue with North Korea in a situation where Park will meet and how long he will stay on this visit.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang-wook, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)