• Events They find a man stabbed to death in a street in Puente de Vallecas

"We want justice for you and for all," reads a sign in some gardens in the Puerto de Navacerrada de Vallecas street (Madrid) between a waterfall of candles and the photo of Darío Cañizares, a 30-year-old Ecuadorian, separated and with a son of seven. This man was killed by two stab wounds on Monday, May 17, and at the moment there are no detainees. His family has been fighting for a week in search of witnesses who can identify the perpetrators of the crime.

A neighbor recorded from the terrace of his building the moments before the murder in a video that accompanies this information.

Darío, with the lighter shirt, fights with another person in the presence of some individuals.

His attacker knocks him to the ground and stands on top of him while other people yell at him: "Leave him alone."

One of those present also approaches Darío and steps on his head.

Shortly after this scene, the murder took place in the street of Puerto de Navacerrada.

Darío received a stab in the hemithorax and another in the left armpit.

He died on the spot.

The deceased lived in Alto del Arenal

and had gone to a sports court located between the Colonia de los Taxiistas and Parque de las Tetas to play soccer, a sport that he was passionate about.

Darío in a recent photo


The friends he was rallying with left and he

was left alone with some strangers.

His mother claims that the people in the video were not his colleagues.

"We do not know who they are and we want them to speak and say what happened, my son was a normal boy who did not get into trouble, we do not know what happened," says his mother, Alba, who arrived 20 years ago from Ecuador to Madrid with his two young children.

The mother has found the strength

to ask people who live near the place where her son died.

«They don't tell me anything, but I know that there were people who could see something.

They are afraid to speak, “says the woman.

Group VI of Homicides of the Judicial Police Brigade is in charge of the investigations and

has the investigation under way.

His sister Katerine emphasizes that Darío had no enemies.

«He was a very quiet and hardworking boy, very reserved, he avoided problems, he told us that he was too old to get into trouble.

He had a flight steward course

and hoped to find a job soon.

Meanwhile, he was doing gardener and renovation work, ”says his sister.

A photo of Darío's team, the third player from the top row starting from the left.

His friends and colleagues from the Guayaquil Chiquito de Vallecas soccer team have made a collection these days to pay for Darío's funeral due to the family's precarious economic situation.

«He was passionate about football, he was from Barcelona, ​​they nicknamed him


[because of his resemblance to the Italian player].

His friends have turned to him.

They have managed to raise almost 4,500 euros for the funeral


Now what we want is to clarify who killed him », says Katerine next to another poster dedicated to Darío:« You went to a place where there is no suffering.

Thank you for the love you left in our hearts.

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