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Updated Tuesday, 25May2021-22: 42

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  • Michel Onfray "Today's left believes that it is progressive to sell children or rent wombs from women"

  • Margaret Atwood "With the culture of cancellation they erase you, they exclude you from society without having time to respond"

Now that the fight for the politically correct sometimes rivals the same phenomenon that it wants to combat, it is imperative to talk with someone who, before and better than anyone, has reflected on the

Western tendency to self-flagellation


In the distant 1983,

Pascal Bruckner


The Lament of the White Man

, which already in its title played with the imprint of

Rudyard Kipling

to criticize the crying third worldism.

Now, almost 40 years later, the essayist and novelist publishes

An Almost Perfect Guilty.


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