China News Service, Xiamen, May 25 (Yang Fushan, Zhang Shushan, Lai Xiaoqin) A strong man surnamed Li from a foreign country has suddenly suffered from fulminant myocarditis in Xiamen recently. The emergency ECMO team of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University launched him. The thrilling rescue finally restored the patient's heart and lung function, creating another miracle of life.

  The Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University said on the 25th that on the night of May 2, Lao Li, who had always been physically strong, suddenly felt very tight in his chest and unable to breathe. His family urgently sent him to the hospital for treatment.

After an emergency examination, it was found that Lao Li’s myocardial enzyme index was severely elevated, which exceeded the detection range of the machine, and the electrocardiogram showed malignant arrhythmia.

  The cardiology medical team of the hospital immediately carried out a series of rescue measures, intensive care, placement of temporary pacemakers, anti-arrhythmia, improvement of heart function, blood pressure, electrical defibrillation, etc., and the emergency green channel completed coronary angiography at high speed. Acute myocardial infarction was ruled out, but the patient’s condition progressed rapidly, and blood pressure has been difficult to maintain. After the medical team implanted IABP (Intra-Aortic Balloon Counterpulsation), the blood pressure continued to drop. The doctor quickly made a judgment that the patient may be fulminant myocarditis. Life is dying!

  After Lao Li was urgently transferred to the emergency ICU, Deputy Chief Physician Liu Xiaomei decisively gave instructions. The ECMO team members of the emergency department quickly assembled and skillfully completed tube placement, pre-charging, and instrument connection.

Thirty minutes later, after the ECMO started to run, the cold old Li gradually warmed up and his blood pressure gradually improved.

  But this was only the first pass. In the next 3 to 4 days, ultrasound showed that Lao Li's heart rate had been unstable, the sinus node of the heart could not lead the heart to beat, and the condition never improved significantly.

  Under the protection of the ECMO team 24 hours a day, Lao Li's heart gradually strengthened, his arrhythmia decreased, and IABP was evacuated. On the 8th day, he ended his ECMO treatment. On the 18th day, he was transferred to the emergency ICU ward and was reborn.

  Liu Huiheng, deputy director of the emergency department of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University, said that “artifact” ECMO treatment requires strong teamwork and careful monitoring. “Our emergency ICU has carried out ECMO treatment for more than 4 years, and the ECMO team has always adhered to 24-hour uninterrupted The bedside special person monitoring system, because ECMO treatment is a double-edged sword, we must strictly prevent various complications during the treatment process, such as bleeding, thrombosis, infection, etc. A little carelessness will bring a fatal blow."

  Why did Lao Li, who has always been healthy, suddenly suffer from this serious illness? Liu Huiheng said that a few days before the fall, Lao Li had mild discomfort such as fever, chest tightness, and fatigue, but he did not care and did not go to the hospital for treatment. In response, she reminded that fulminant myocarditis is not uncommon, and the hospital receives several cases every year. “Everyone must pay attention to health, especially young people, to avoid overwork, ensure adequate sleep, and meet physical discomfort. Seek medical attention in time". (Finish)