People's Power In the early stage of the Party's presidential election, relatively young candidates are causing an affair. In this context, what former Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun, the ruling party's presidential election runner, referred to the culture of Jang Yu-seo became controversial in politics.

For more information, this is reporter Kim Hyung-rae.


The power of the people The 8 candidates who challenged the Party's representative gathered together for the first time.

The middle-industrial

leaders advocated

stability and economy, and

[Ho-Young Joo/Former Representative of the People's Strength in the Park: You cannot succeed only with ambition." The important thing is the harmony of economy and spirit.]

[Na Gyeong-won/Former Congressman (People's Power): (Rather than a generational change) I say that the most important spirit is the regime change.] The

newcomers were met that the party should change.

[Kim Woong/People's Strength Member: We have not received the trust and love of the people. Then I made up my mind. He said he will surely change the power of the people.]

[Jun-Seok Lee/Former Chief Commissioner (People's Power): When our party lawmakers and officers hear the story of'I don't know where to sell MS Office,' we have no way to get votes. .] The

controversy over whether it is possible or appropriate to create a young party leader in their 30s and 40s, the first of a conservative party, spread outside the party.

Former Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun, a candidate for the presidential election of the passport, admitted that it was a positive phenomenon, but said that it was Jang Yu-seo.

[Sae-gyun Jeong/Former Prime Minister: Yu-seo Jang, there is such a culture, so I will have a lot of troubles, even if I see such changes positively... ]

Then, Congressman Park Yong-jin, the president of the same party, posted an article saying that he was worried that he would be branded as a'Kondae party'.

Candidate Jun-Seok Lee, who is a party, pointed out that it was fair to get rid of it, asking him to subtract Jang Yu-suk from the test subject, but he does not hesitate to spread the controversy.

Former Prime Minister Chung's side has stated that it is unfortunate and unfortunate to overlook the purpose and to make sensitive interpretations by emphasizing only certain words.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-ki and Kim Seung-tae, video editing: Kim Jin-won)