• On Sunday evening, police received jets of various projectiles during a patrol in the neighborhood.

  • They believe that this kind of taking part is becoming more and more frequent in Bordeaux.

  • Reinforcements and the use of tear gas were necessary according to the police.

The police were not well received in the Aubiers district in Bordeaux.

A patrol was violently attacked Sunday evening in this sensitive area of ​​the city, we learned Monday from a police source.

Around 7:45 p.m., a police car patrolling this area saw "its rear window broken" by a projectile, said this source.

"Use of tear gas"

“We had to deal with around twenty-thirty people who began to harass the police with throwing projectiles, fireworks from mortars, objects thrown from the passageways of buildings, in particular shopping carts, ”she said.

"Strengths were hired as reinforcements, with the intervention of 25 to 30 police officers, to restore calm", in particular by using tear gas.

The incidents lasted "a little over an hour, a person was arrested in possession of a telescopic baton and placed in police custody", according to the same source specifying that these attacks have increased recently.

"It has become a game in Bordeaux to break the cop"

"We have already had three events of this type in other sensitive areas of the Bordeaux agglomeration: one last Thursday, and two others the previous week, against patrols of the Bac (Anti-Crime Brigade)", t -on indicated from the same source.

"It's almost every weekend: we attack the police, we attack the firefighters, it has become a game in Bordeaux to break the cop, to break the firefighters", reacted Eric Marrocq , regional secretary of the Alliance union, interviewed by AFP.

"When the police pass, they disturb trafficking of all kinds", he added, implicating "individuals who hit the police to keep drug trafficking going."

“We know them, they have already dealt with the police but it is very difficult to question them during the urban violence.

They are very mobile, often hooded and require us to intervene in numbers, ”said the official.

According to Bruno Vincendon, deputy zonal secretary of the Alternative Police union in New Aquitaine, these attacks “become commonplace, it's like that every two or three days”.

"As long as the police are simply patrolling these neighborhoods plagued by different trafficking, they are the subject of throwing projectiles, various objects and varied," he said on France Bleu Gironde.


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