The fugitive Belgian soldier Jürgen Conings has been untraceable for a week.

On Sunday, the Belgian police in Sint-Niklaas, Flanders, made a big move after a report about an alleged armed man in camouflage clothing.

However, it turned out to be a fisherman with a fishing rod, several Belgian media report on Monday.

Witnesses reportedly saw the man riding a scooter.

He was carrying a backpack with a gun sticking out according to witnesses.

The police decided not to take any risks in the context of the manhunt for Conings and went out with all available men,




The police say to the Belgian medium that they do not blame the witnesses.

"We looked at camera images from the area and it indeed looked particularly good on a gun. We would rather pull out too much than too little," Chief Inspector Andy De Waele told



Meanwhile, the Belgian investigative authorities seem to have their hands in it, because they no longer know exactly where to look.

The searches in Hoge Kempen National Park have been stopped and Conings has been on an investigation list of the international police organization Interpol since Saturday.

Authorities still believe the fugitive may be militarily heavily armed.

He is also still wanted for threatening a terrorist attack on persons and the government in Belgium.

Conings threatened, among others, the Flemish top virologist Marc Van Ranst with death, who has therefore been in hiding for a week now.


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