People born in the 80s, who are not part of any of the current phases or belong to the risk group have booked in for covid vaccination in Kronoberg, something SVT Nyheter Småland reported about just over three weeks ago.

Must prove his right

At that time, vaccine coordinator Lena Andersson Nazzal was very upset, but said that the region does not yet have a plan for how to handle the "cheat books".

But now they have decided to get tougher out at the vaccination sites, a work that has already started.

- People have been rejected and with good reason.

You must be able to prove on the spot that you belong to the right target group, says Lena Andersson Nazzal vaccine coordinator Region Kronoberg.

They have been able to book at a time when the system is not age-restricted.

Now the region is urging these people to cancel their appointments.

In which place in Kronoberg County the problem was most obvious, you can hear in the clip above.