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Unstoppable U.S. police violent law enforcement...

  A surveillance video of a US prison recently disclosed by the US media showed that a white man died during his detention when he was violently enforced by prison guards. This once again aroused widespread public concern.

  On May 25 last year, the African American George Floyd was crushed to death by the police on his knees, nearly a year since the incident.

  Analysis believes that the frequent incidents of police violent law enforcement in the United States reflect the systemic problems of human rights in the United States.

Another US police "kneeling and pressing" death case exposed

  Reports from the CBS show that this video came from the Marshall County Prison in Tennessee. It was recorded on May 6 last year, and it was revealed more than a year later.

  The deceased was William Jannett, a 48-year-old white man who was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, public alcohol abuse and indecent exposure of his body.

  The coroner ruled that Janet died of suffocation and that the drugs in his body were also one of the causes of death.

  His death was convicted of homicide, but the court grand jury refused to charge any police officers involved in the case.

  Dominic, Jannet's daughter, has filed a lawsuit.

She said that this video shocked her deeply, and the police's actions were very inappropriate.

  Dominic: "The scenes in the video really linger in my mind. My dad should have been so scared and lonely at that time! Those policemen should have been more aware of what should be done, and should have accepted the more appropriate ones. Law enforcement training, but they did not."

  Seth Stoughton, a legal expert at the University of South Carolina, pointed out that since the mid-1990s, American police have known when they were trained that the act of suffocating a suspect's back is a very dangerous behavior; The police's law enforcement method in this case is unacceptable.

  Seth Stoughton: "The behavior of these policemen is the opposite of the training they have usually received in the past 25 years. When a person is handcuffed, he should be turned to the side. The video shows that After the police handcuffed him, they left him in a leaning position for about 3 minutes and 43 seconds, which was unacceptable."

U.S. police violent law enforcement cases emerge in endlessly

  Almost a year has passed since the death of African American George Floyd by police violent law enforcement. The former white police officer involved, Drake Chauvin, was convicted of two murders and one negligence on April 20 this year. The murder charge was established.

  However, the Freudian tragedy did not end with a single sentence, and the problem of excessive and abuse of violence in the US law enforcement system remains serious.

  In August last year, Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer Rusten Siski fired seven shots at the back of an African-American man Jacob Blake and paralyzed him.

The police officer involved not only received no charges, but returned to work at the end of March this year, which aroused strong dissatisfaction.

  On April 21, local time, Andrew Brown, an African-American man in Elizabeth, North Carolina, was violently killed by the police. Brown’s family said that they were continuously blocked in the process of obtaining law enforcement videos.

  According to data released by the US civil research organization "Mapping Police Violence" (Mapping Police Violence), from 2013 to 2020, about 1,100 people in the United States died every year due to police violence enforcement; in the first four months of this year, the United States had only 6 days. There were no deaths caused by police violent law enforcement.

  Cheryl Dorsey, a retired police officer of the Los Angeles Police Department, California, is now an advocate of criminal justice reform.

She pointed out that the conviction of Xiao Wan in the Freud case did not bring much change to the endless stream of violent law enforcement cases by the US police.

  Cheryl Dorsey: "The situation has not changed much. We can see from the continuing cases. Even if Drake Chauvin was convicted, the US police did not control themselves and suspended the use of lethal Sexual force. In my opinion, lethal force should be the last choice when you have exhausted all the law enforcement methods and are still ineffective."

Violent law enforcement superimposed on racism: Systemic problems exist in human rights in the United States

  According to the latest poll released by the Associated Press and the University of Chicago Public Affairs Research Center (AP-NORC) on the 21st, more than half of the respondents believe that compared to whites, American police are more likely to resort to lethal violence against African Americans. means.

  "Washington Post" statistics show that minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics are more than four times more likely to die under the guns of American police officers than whites.

  The president of the National Association of Colored People, Derek Johnson, said in an interview with the media that only by ending the police’s "limited immunity" and forming a corresponding accountability system can the status quo be changed.

  Derek Johnson: "Only by amending the bill can an accountability system be born. With a new accountability system, people's behavior will change. This is the most important. Law enforcement agencies must train the police to deal with problems. Downgrade. We must stop the'limited immunity', we must establish a federal registration system for police misconduct, these are just some basic things, and we have many other things to do so that people have higher expectations."

  However, as Derek Johnson said, the establishment of an accountability system is only the basis, and it may not be a day's work to fundamentally solve the systemic problems exposed in the human rights field in the United States.

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