Two secretaries of the Baoshan Municipal Party Committee of Yunnan Province were held accountable for ineffective pollution control

There are years of service and no time limit

  Due to the ineffective rectification of the Mingzhen Golf Course in Kunming Dianchi National Tourism Resort, Yunnan is accountable to 23 leading cadres including Wu Bin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Kunming Dianchi National Tourism Resort. Many cadres have been transferred from their original positions when they were held accountable; due to Yunnan For the pollution of the Donghe River in Baoshan City, the province, 4 responsible units, 7 provincial management cadres, 12 department-level cadres and 2 section-level cadres were held accountable. Among them, the current Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the then Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Baoshan were held accountable. Arouse attention.

  Leading cadres often hold posts for a limited number of years, but the responsibility for damage to the ecological environment is held accountable for life.

Not only in the field of eco-environmental protection, if the negligence of leading cadres in their original jobs is bad in nature and the consequences are serious, their problems will not be "forgotten" due to transfer, promotion, retirement, or resignation.

1 The demands of the people for the ecological environment have been ignored for a long time, and the "mother river" has become a polluted river

  The Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Supervision Team recently publicly notified a number of typical cases that the pollution problem of the Shandong River in Baoshan, Yunnan was "named".

  The Donghe River originates in the northeast of Longyang District, Baoshan City, and its main stream passes through the city. It is the "Mother River" of Baoshan.

However, due to inadequate pollution control, the city's sewage treatment capacity is seriously inadequate. In recent years, the pollution problem of the Donghe River has been aggravated. Baoshan City has about 45,000 tons of sewage directly discharged into the Donghe River every day.

  How did the "mother river" become the polluted river?

The Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision initiated the case as soon as possible, established an investigation team to carry out investigation and verification, and used methods such as collecting materials, investigating interviews, seminar interviews, expert consultations, analysis and judgment, and on-site surveys to find out the Baoshan Municipal Party Committee and Government, Longyang The dereliction of duty and responsibility of the district government and related leading cadres.

  The demand for the ecological environment of the people in Baoshan City has been neglected and ignored for a long time.

Since 2015, the Baoshan City Department of Letters and Visits has received 46 complaints from the masses about environmental pollution, 14 involving water pollution, and 9 involving Donghe.

The investigation found that the relevant departments handled and responded, but failed to fundamentally solve the problem; the Baoshan Ecological Environment Department accepted a total of 23 complaints concerning the water environment of the Donghe River Basin, indicating that they were “processed on schedule”, but there was a penalty or a penalty. Penalties on behalf of reforms, rectifications are not in place, etc.

  The investigation found that the Longyang District Government and the Baoshan City Ecological Environment Bureau have repeatedly reported to the Baoshan Municipal Party Committee and City Government on the deterioration of the water quality of the East River, but they have not attracted enough attention. The original text was transferred to the relevant departments or lower-level governments for handling after the instructions of the relevant leaders.

As early as August 2019, the construction of the third sewage treatment plant in the downtown area of ​​Baoshan started. During this period, due to environmental impact assessment issues, financing issues, and land issues, the main leaders and leaders in charge of the Baoshan municipal party committee and government waited for reports. No special research was organized. There was no active overall planning and coordination, which caused the construction period of the third sewage treatment plant to be delayed again and again, and the main project of the project has not been completed so far.

  In the past three years, the municipal party committee has not convened special meetings to comprehensively and systematically study and solve the problem of pollution control of the East River, and did not take measures. Only a batch of them has been allowed to exist for a long time.

As a result, the water quality of the Donghe River has declined for three consecutive years, from Class III in 2018 to worse than Class V in 2020.

2 The serious damage to the ecological environment in many places is directly related to the dereliction of duty and responsibility of leading cadres. The secretary of the municipal party committee at the time was mainly responsible for the pollution of the Donghe River.

  Whether the ecological environment protection can be implemented, the key lies in the leading cadres.

Judging from the typical cases investigated and dealt with in recent years, the occurrence of serious damage to the ecological environment in some places is directly related to the negligence of duty by leading cadres.

  In 2015, the "Measures for the Accountability of Party and Government Leading Cadres for Ecological Environmental Damage (Trial)" was issued, which clearly stipulated that "local party committees and governments at all levels shall be responsible for the protection of the ecological environment and resources in the region, and the main leadership members of the party committee and government shall bear the main responsibilities." .

In 2018, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council's "Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Ecological Environmental Protection and Resolutely Fighting Pollution Prevention and Control" also made it clear that local party committees and governments at all levels are responsible for the ecological environmental protection work and the quality of the ecological environment in their administrative regions.

  Promoting the construction of ecological civilization is a heavy political responsibility.

Baoshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government’s “Party and Government’s Same Responsibilities, One Post and Two Responsibilities” responsibilities for ecological environmental protection have been idle. In accordance with the "Chinese Communist Party Accountability Regulations", major deviations and mistakes have occurred in the implementation of the new development concept and the promotion of ecological civilization construction. Those who cause serious losses to their undertakings and people’s interests and have a bad influence shall be held accountable.

  The accountability notice mentioned that the Baoshan Municipal Party Committee and the Longyang District Party Committee and District Government have overall leadership responsibilities for the Donghe pollution problem, give them accountability for the report, and order an in-depth written inspection.

The Secretary of the Baoshan Municipal Party Committee, the chief of Baoshan City, the chief of Donghe City, and the then mayor of Baoshan and the deputy chief of Baoshan City Yang Jun were exhorted and accountable.

  According to the person in charge of the investigation team, Yang Jun has problems in overall coordination, systematic research and overall promotion of Donghe pollution control and ecological environment restoration and protection, and other problems, and he has the main leadership responsibility for the Donghe pollution problem.

  Although he is no longer in Baoshan, Zhao Deguang still appeared in the accountability briefing: Criticizing and educating Comrade Zhao Deguang, the counselor of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government, the then Baoshan Municipal Party Secretary, Baoshan City Chief River Chief, and Donghe City-level River Chief.

  “Zhao Deguang’s poor organization and leadership, did not organize special meetings, comprehensively, in-depth, and systematically studied and deployed the Donghe pollution control problem, and the river chief system was not implemented in place, comprehensive coordination, supervision and inspection were not effective, and he also had the main leadership on the Donghe pollution problem. Responsibility." The person in charge of the investigation team said.

3 "Lifetime accountability" is the basic principle of accountability for ecological environmental damage, and transfer, promotion, retirement, etc. are not excuses for exemption.

  Lifelong accountability is a basic principle of accountability for damage to the ecological environment.

  In October 2019, the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed to "implement a lifetime accountability system for environmental damage."

In fact, as early as 2015, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council proposed in the "Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Ecological Civilization" that the establishment of a responsibility system for the construction of ecological civilization during the tenure of leading cadres was required to record violations of the requirements of scientific development and causing serious damage to the resources, environment and ecology. In the case, the accountability shall be pursued for life, and no transfer to important positions or promotion shall be allowed, and those who have been transferred shall also be held accountable.

The "Measures for the Accountability of Party and Government Leading Cadres for Ecological Environmental Damage (Trial)" also clarified that the accountability of Party and Government leading cadres for ecological environmental damage shall adhere to the principles of law and regulations, objective and fairness, scientific identification, consistent power and responsibility, and lifelong accountability, and implement ecological The lifelong accountability system for environmental damages requires strict accountability for those who violate the requirements of scientific development and cause serious damage to the ecological environment and resources, regardless of whether they have been transferred, promoted or retired.

  The pollution problem of the East River continues to worsen, dragging on for a long time, severely destroying the natural ecology of Baoshan, and causing very bad political and social influences.

In this regard, not only the current secretary of the municipal party committee must be held accountable, but also the then secretary of the municipal party committee who failed to perform his duties of ecological protection during his tenure cannot be exempted from responsibility.

  It is worth noting that in addition to the then Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, there are many other leading cadres who have been transferred or retired who have been held accountable for the pollution of the East River.

  "We carried out investigations, verifications and accountability in strict accordance with regulations, disciplines and laws, and insisted that failure to do so must be accountable, accountability must be strict, and lifelong accountability. We have dealt with Zhao Deguang, then Secretary of the Baoshan Municipal Party Committee, and Duan Shengrong and Long, the former head of the Longyang District People’s Government. Comrades Chen Xinshao and Song Anchang, former party secretary of the Yang District Water Affairs Bureau, and He Wei, former member of the Standing Committee of the Baoshan Municipal Party Committee and former deputy mayor of Baoshan who have retired in September 2019, have all carried out serious accountability.” The person in charge of the investigation team said, Geng Mei, former deputy mayor of the Baoshan Municipal People’s Government and former secretary of the Longyang District Party Committee, who have been expelled from the party and public office, and Zhu Jianping, former party member and former deputy director of the Baoshan Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau. The investigation team has also found out that they are against Donghe. Leadership responsibility for pollution problems.

  It is not an isolated case of being held accountable for the "old accounts" of ecological and environmental protection due to negligence of duty and responsibility in the original job.

For example, in the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Qujing City, Yunnan Province, in the poor disposal of hazardous waste and heavy metal pollution, the then deputy secretary of the Qujing Municipal Party Committee, the then deputy mayor of Qujing City, the then deputy governor of Honghe Prefecture, and the then Secretary of the Gejiu Municipal Party Committee 9 All leading cadres who have left their original posts were punished.

Some accountability time spans are relatively large. For example, when the construction of the sewage pipe network in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province was ineffective, the director and deputy director of the Water Affairs Bureau who were in office three years ago had an admonishing talk.

  "Many environmental problems will not appear immediately, damage and impact are usually long-term, so lifelong accountability is necessary." Song Wei, director of the Center for Integrity Research of University of Science and Technology Beijing, said that this is a process of clarifying the attribution of responsibilities and forcing them to land. As long as they are leading cadres who have served in relevant positions, they must be responsible for their decisions and leadership behaviors at that time.

  Xia Guang, a researcher at the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, believes that a small number of leading cadres are more concerned about their immediate achievements in power and do not pay enough attention to environmental protection. After being transferred or promoted, the pollution and destruction of the ecological environment are left to the common people.

"Lifelong accountability urges leading cadres to overcome short-term interests and develop long-term plans."

4 The implementation of life-long accountability reflects the seriousness of accountability and releases a strong signal that failure to accountability must be accountable and accountability must be strict

  "Lifelong accountability" is not only in the field of ecological and environmental protection. Article 16 of the "Chinese Communist Party Accountability Regulations" clearly states: "Implement lifelong accountability, regardless of whether the person responsible for negligence is of a bad nature and has serious consequences. All promotion or retirement should be held accountable."

  In the eyes of some leading cadres, as long as they are not found in their positions and transferred to other places in a few years, the responsibility will not be caught up with them.

  Such a fluke mentality paved the way for inaction, slow action, chaotic action, and false action.

For example, some leading cadres do not seek government in their positions, dare not take responsibility, and are irresponsible; some pursue "good humanism" and would rather lose their principles than hurt "feelings"; some "cherish feathers" and treat their subordinates The problems that arise are wrong and bad habits are left unchecked, dare not to criticize, drag the problem to leave the post, and throw the "baggage" to the next... These behaviors are serious irresponsible manifestations, which will not only lead to organizational disorganization, loose discipline, and even Affect the party's cohesion and combat effectiveness, and shake the party's foundation of cause and governance.

  In August 2018, Shao Sheng, the retired former party secretary and director of the Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau of Zhejiang Province, was held accountable and notified due to his inability to fulfill the main responsibility of building a clean and honest government.

  From 2012 to 2015, as the party secretary and director of the Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, Shao Sheng neglected his duty in the construction of party style and clean government, Luo Mou, the head of Hangzhou Nanshan Cemetery Management Office, and the director of Hangzhou Welfare Lottery Issuing Center. Ten subordinates including Zhang, Shen, head of the business management section of Hangzhou Funeral Home, and Lai, secretary of the Party Branch of Hangzhou Relief Management Station, were held accountable for party discipline and government affairs. Among them, Luo, Zhang, and Shen were held criminally responsible. Cause serious adverse effects.

  "In order to strictly manage the political responsibilities of the party in governing the party, although Shao Sheng has retired, he should still be held accountable." According to the relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Discipline Inspection Commission, according to the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" and other relevant regulations, Comrade Shao Sheng was given Serious warnings and punishments within the party.

  "The implementation of lifelong accountability is based on the scientific understanding of the law of power operation and the relationship between power and responsibility, which reflects the seriousness of accountability and guarantees the actual effect of accountability." Song Wei said.

  5 Lifelong accountability not only forces the responsibility to fall, but also serves as a warning and deterrent

  Lifelong accountability and accountability are the need to govern the party strictly in an all-round way, highlighting that discipline is stricter than the law, embodying the unity of power and responsibility, and forcing the implementation of responsibilities.

  "In terms of ecological environmental protection, although the problems are usually more complicated and the time span is large, it is not difficult to clarify the responsibilities in the decision-making, implementation, and supervision, and who caused the problems while in office or neglected to solve the problems. You can count on chasing the blame for'who catches up with someone who is unlucky, who escapes by fluke', or if he catches up and pushes it off under the excuse of'new officials disregarding the old things', in the end no one is responsible. This absolutely doesn't work. "Song Wei believes that the implementation of lifelong accountability puts a "tight tie" on leading cadres, uses the system to force the implementation of responsibilities, and uses the high-hanging sword of accountability to make party organizations and party members and leading cadres at all levels remember their responsibilities and fulfill their responsibilities.

  Party organizations and leading cadres neglect their duties and responsibilities, administer the party laxly, endanger the interests of the people, damage the party’s image, and erode the party’s ruling foundation. Regardless of whether the responsible person is transferred, promoted or retired, he must be held accountable seriously. Responsibility, this is a principle our party has consistently adhered to.

  It is necessary to be serious and strict in accountability, and to promote the implementation of responsibilities, but also to standardize and precise accountability, distinguish situations, reflect policies, and deal with them by classification.

"Under the premise of investigating and verifying the facts, we clarify who has the responsibility and what the responsibility according to party discipline regulations and job responsibilities, and accurately distinguish whether the relevant responsible person has performed his duties, failed or incorrectly performed his duties during his tenure. At the same time, we will Ideological and political work runs through the entire process of the investigation, implements the attitude of the relevant responsible persons to admit their mistakes, rectify their determination, carefully study the accountability handling opinions, and reflect the “consistent powers and responsibilities, and the faults and responsibilities are equal”." Problem accountability plays a serious warning role for party members and leading cadres in the province, promotes problem solving and promotes the change of cadres' style of work.

  The purpose of accountability is not to restrain the hands and feet of cadres and officials, but to urge party organizations and leading cadres to strengthen their sense of responsibility and stimulate the spirit of responsibility.

"Due to the pollution of the East River, the two municipal party committee secretaries and several transferred and retired leaders were held accountable. They have a strong warning and deterrent effect. They urge the incumbent leaders to know their responsibilities, abide by their responsibilities, and be responsible and responsible." Song Wei said.

(Our reporter Chai Yaxin)