Prime Minister Suga visited a large-scale inoculation center for the new coronavirus vaccine in Tokyo, and told reporters to accelerate inoculation so that the people can regain their peace of mind as soon as possible. He expressed his intention to work with the Cabinet as a whole.

Inoculation began on the 24th at the large-scale inoculation centers set up by the government in Tokyo and Osaka, of which Prime Minister Suga and the Minister of Defense Kishi visited the venue of the joint government building in Otemachi, Tokyo.

He exchanged opinions with SDF personnel who are qualified as doctors and nurses, and said, "The SDF is expected by the public as the last fortress of the new coronavirus. I hope that it will fully fulfill its role."

After this, Prime Minister Suga told reporters, "I was relieved to see the site where the inoculation was carried out in an orderly manner like the Self-Defense Forces. It seemed that the inoculated elderly people were relieved. It was very impressive. "

On that basis, he emphasized that "I will challenge the unknown things that I have never experienced, such as accelerating vaccination, but I will do it anyway", and raised the Cabinet so that the people can regain their peace of mind as soon as possible. I showed the idea to work on it.

In addition, regarding securing the person responsible for vaccination, Prime Minister Suga said, "We are having a final meeting with paramedics, other industries, and other organizations that actually inoculate blood tests. I would like to do my best so that I can be dispatched to places where there is a shortage of moves. "