China News Service, Kunming, May 24th (Han Shuinan) A reporter learned from the Education and Sports Bureau of Yangbi County, Yunnan Province on the 24th that in accordance with the principles of life first, safety first, and step-by-step resumption of classes, Yangbi County’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will resume classes one after another. .

  At 21:48:34 on May 21, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred in Yangbi County, with many aftershocks.

After a comprehensive investigation, there were 76 disaster-stricken schools in the county's jurisdiction. There were no injuries to teachers or students, and no school buildings collapsed. However, school buildings, retaining walls, fences, and sports venues were damaged to varying degrees.

  The Education and Sports Bureau of Yangbi County stated that on May 24th, the third grade of Yangbi No.1 Middle School will start teaching normally; it will actively take measures to organize the resumption of classes in the first and second grades as soon as possible.

At present, the preparations for the 2021 general college entrance examination in Yangbi County are being carried out in an orderly manner.

  On May 30th, the junior high school of Yangbi No. 1 Middle School and the third grade of Cangshan Xizhen Middle School resumed classes. The first and second grades of these two middle schools will resume classes in due course according to the evaluation and construction of the school buildings.

  On May 25th, classes were resumed on the streets; on May 30th, Xiuling, located in the epicenter, resumed classes; the remaining 9 township central schools will resume classes gradually in accordance with the one-school-one plan from May 25th.

All kindergartens in the county will organize resumption of school after the earthquake has stabilized.

  Students who have not yet resumed classes are temporarily self-study at home. Each school organizes teachers to conduct psychological counseling and daily management of students through online. Schools with conditions are actively carrying out online teaching. The specific resumption time will be notified by the school.

  There are 1 high school in Yangbi No.1 Middle School, 2 middle schools in Yangbi No.1 Middle School and Cangshan Xizhen Middle School, 9 township central schools (including 65 schools and kindergartens under its jurisdiction), 1 county-owned kindergarten and 2 schools in Yangbi County. Private kindergarten.

  According to preliminary statistics, after the "5.21" earthquake in Yangbi County, the damaged school building area was 119,668 square meters, the damaged retaining wall and enclosure were 2001 meters, and the damaged sports field was 1,920 square meters.

At present, provincial and state experts are in the process of appraisal and evaluation of school buildings at all levels and types of schools.

  The school buildings of all schools in the county must be appraised by experts and scientifically judged whether they can be used. School buildings that have not been appraised by experts shall not be used.

According to the appraisal of each school, the principle of studying and judging school by school and resuming school by school is implemented, and one school has the conditions for resuming school. Active measures are taken to accelerate the restoration of education and teaching order in all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens throughout the county.