France: Emmanuel Macron conquering the youth

French President Emmanuel Macron, surrounded by videographers Carlito (left), and McFly, posted on YouTube on May 23, 2021. © YouTube / McFly and Carlito / Screenshot

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It is an exercise for the least original to which the President of the French Republic lent himself this Sunday 23 my.

In a schoolboy atmosphere, he took part in an “anecdotes contest” with two very popular French YouTubers, Carlito and McFly.

Emmanuel Macron had indeed promised them in February that they would be invited to the Elysee if they produced a video on respecting barrier gestures which would count more than 10 million views.

Challenge succeeded by Carlito and McFly, promise kept by the president.


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The principle is simple: Emmanuel Macron tells an anecdote and the two youtubers Carlito and McFly must guess if it is true or false. 


My secretary says to me, 'President Trump wants to join you'.

And he told me I was calling you to wish you a very happy birthday.

It was December 19th, it wasn't my birthday at all.

(laughs from the youtubers) 

Is this anecdote true or false?



Mr. President, I think it is false,

 " replies one of the YouTubers.


 It is false,

 " confirms Emmanuel Macron.

Atmosphere is relaxed under the gold of the Élysée

Did the president go to a nightclub during his trip to Nigeria?

Did he play a match with the Marseille football team?

The atmosphere is relaxed under the gold of the Élysée.

Emmanuel Macron plays the relaxed head of state.

Shooting of a YouTube video, but also recently an

interview with the media Brut

or even opening an account on the TikTok network ... Emmanuel Macron is ready to do anything to seduce young people one year from the presidential election, even to attend a metal concert in the gardens of the Élysée with Carlito and McFly.


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