Dubai Customs foils an attempt to bring in 17,280 counterfeit "Vaseline" packages

 The Customs Intelligence Department and the inspectors of the Air Customs Centers Department, in coordination with the Intellectual Property Rights Department at Dubai Customs, managed to thwart the attempt to enter a shipment bearing the trademark "Vaseline" imitated in the amount of 17 thousand 280 packages coming from an Asian country via air freight and the market value of about 400 thousand dirhams By relying on intelligence methodology, customs risk management, and the capabilities of inspection officers in dealing with these shipments, where the seizures were kept for legal action.

This achievement comes within the framework of Dubai Customs’s keenness to protect intellectual property rights to protect consumers and to ensure that they obtain products that conform to international specifications that take into account all health and environmental conditions, in implementation of the UAE’s commitment to protecting intellectual property rights and its keenness to enable trademark owners to preserve the financial return on their investment and thus grow Commercial Operations.

The Director of the Customs Intelligence Department at Dubai Customs, Shuaib Muhammad Al-Suwaidi, said that the department succeeded in converting the customs ports of the Emirate of Dubai into an impenetrable dam in the face of all attempts to commercial fraud or smuggling counterfeit and prohibited goods, through the tight system for monitoring risks in advance, which was developed by Dubai Customs by launching and updating them. The permanent smart risk engine is supported by the advanced capabilities of the Customs Intelligence Department staff, which enables them to analyze risks with high efficiency to determine the levels of risk in the incoming shipments and pre-monitor the dangerous shipments according to carefully thought-out plans. To the customs outlets of the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Customs, represented by the Intellectual Property Rights Department, is leading the leadership in combating the spread of counterfeit goods, as the Intellectual Property Rights Department in Dubai Customs is the first of its kind in the Middle East region and its importance comes as an administration that enforces special federal laws such as protecting intellectual property rights and protecting the local market from fraudulent goods. .

The Director of the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Department at Dubai Customs, Youssef Aziz Mubarak, said that counterfeit goods cause great harm to both society and the economy when counterfeiting and commercial fraud target trademarks of vital products, and therefore the administration has paid full attention to the information it received about the attempt to import counterfeit goods for a shipment coming from a country. Asian packages bearing the slogan "Vaseline", which are counterfeit packages that were discovered by Dubai Customs officers despite the craftsmanship of imitation, and in cooperation and coordination with the Customs Intelligence Department, a tight plan was developed to control the shipment and prevent its entry into the country to protect our society from the health risks resulting from the use of these counterfeit materials.

He added that the department has strengthened its cooperation with the Council of Trademark Owners in the field of combating counterfeit goods and protecting intellectual property rights, as cooperation is not limited to coordination in the field of recycling counterfeit goods only, but also to enhance the participation of trademark owners in the workshops organized by the department, to inform inspectors and customs officials The new methods used in counterfeiting goods, which contribute directly to controlling the shipments of counterfeit goods.

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