China News Service, Changsha, May 19 (Xiang Yipeng) "With the development of commercial aerospace in recent years, it poses great challenges to traditional aerospace models, costs, and innovative methods." The event was held in Changsha on the 19th. Wang Jianyu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher of the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a video speech at the Commercial Aerospace 2025 Summit of the 10th Global Geographic Information Developers Conference of WGDC2021.

  "It turned out that aerospace is very mysterious, and it is mainly carried out by the government. The business model that is emerging now may be based on market resources in addition to the government, and it does not exclude some government resources." Wang Jianyu said that the starting point of commercial aerospace is to Obtain commercial profits, but the high-risk, high-input, and high-tech characteristics of traditional aerospace are still preserved, and economic, marketable and restrictive are added.

  "There is another big difference between traditional aerospace and commercial aerospace, which is the product development cycle. In general, our traditional aerospace is gradual and has a relatively long cycle. It needs to be verified by rehearsal. To the background model, it is mainly to verify key technologies. And the system demonstration, after entering the model, it will look like, the first sample, and the right one." Wang Jianyu said, commercial aerospace should not have such a long cycle. The basic method is to find mature technology and quickly transplant it.

  For example, he said that the Tianyi Research Institute was established in 2016 and completed the launch of about 20 small satellites by the end of 2019; and Galaxy Aerospace was put into operation in April 2018, and the first satellite was launched in 2019.

  Wang Jianyu said that aerospace is a high-cost industry, but commercial aerospace poses a big challenge to traditional aerospace in terms of cost.

"After commercial aerospace is launched, if large-scale industrial production can be introduced, the cost will be greatly reduced; at the same time, as the quality of integrated circuits is getting better and better, many places can replace the previous dedicated components and greatly reduce the cost."

  Wang Jianyu also believes that from a risk point of view, the risk of entering commercial aerospace is greater.

"The first is resource orientation and user risks. Many private enterprises and capital market money are swarming into the commercial aerospace model, resulting in a lot of repeated investment, and the efficiency and output of investment are unpredictable. Also because of the high technology of aerospace products And the particularity requires low cost, short cycle, and high reliability, so the product quality risk is higher."

  "There are still many imaginations in commercial aerospace, which may become a reality in the near future, such as space travel, space mining, deep space exploration, and space base construction, which is a hope for the future of commercial aerospace." Wang Jianyu said.