Green development leads tourism innovation

  Today is the 11th China Tourism Day, and various cultural tourism activities have been launched to benefit the people.

This year's "May 1st" small holiday, China's tourism is full of vitality.

After the test of the epidemic, China's tourism has gradually shown some new development trends and characteristics. People's tourism consumption habits have quietly changed, and tourism life has new content. Together, they have shaped the vitality and charm of China's tourism industry.

  Eco-tourism is sought after

  This year's China Tourism Day has the theme of "Green Development and Better Life". Many places across the country connect local green resources and ecological resources to guide people to go outdoors, feel nature, and experience a better life.

  It has been 11 years since China Tourism Day was established, and the content of tourism has become more abundant and the ways of tourism have become more diverse.

Among them, green eco-tourism has the advantages of being close to nature and strong integration, and has become an important content of domestic tourism.

  Qinghai Province, blessed with unique eco-tourism resources, has the world's largest area of ​​alpine wetlands, grasslands, shrubs and forests and other ecosystems. It is also an area with the highest concentration of biological, species, genetic and genetic diversity in high-altitude areas in the world.

The scenery here makes people marvel at the magic of nature.

How to not only protect precious ecological resources, but also promote the development of tourism?

We can only take the road of green development.

"The importance, particularity and irreplaceability of Qinghai’s ecological status in the country and even in the world determine that the development of Qinghai’s cultural tourism must respect nature, conform to nature, protect nature, make a fuss around location characteristics and resource characteristics, and take ecological protection first. The road to rise.” said Chang Hongan, deputy director of the Qinghai Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

  Today, the tourism dividend brought by green development continues to show up.

Qinghai integrates ecological education, environmental protection and various types of eco-tourism resources, and has launched a variety of eco-tourism products such as ecological research, plateau health and maintenance, wetland bird watching, self-driving cross-country, forest health preservation, etc., forming a beautiful Qinghai sightseeing tour, 100 eco-tourism product routes such as the ecological Qinghai health tour and the cultural Qinghai traceability tour have promoted the healthy and sustainable development of ecological cultural tourism.

This year’s "May 1st" holiday, Qinghai "ecological tour" is sought after by tourists, "into Hoh Xil, looking for Tibetan antelope ecological tourism line", "Yellow River Corridor ecological self-driving tour line", "Damei Qinghai Plateau ecological cultural tourism line" Approved eco-tourism boutique routes, leading tourists into Qinghai.

  "Village Tour" New Country Life

  Because of an online shopping experience of rose tea, Ma Wen, who works for a cultural company in Beijing, got to know Ms. Zhang, who runs a homestay in Tengchong, Yunnan.

The rose tea sold by Ms. Zhang through the Internet has a good packaging: the light yellow outer packaging is printed with hand-painted roses and a gift.

It is this packaging that makes Ma Wen have a strong curiosity about Ms. Zhang's B&B and Tengchong.

This spring, Ma Wen took a few days of annual leave and made a special trip to Tengchong, where he stayed for a week.

  "In my original impression, Tengchong's tourism resources were mainly hot springs. I didn't expect that rural tourism there has developed so well now!" After returning to Beijing, Ma Wen couldn't help sharing with her friends.

Hiking Gaoligong, walking through the Longchuan River, and punching in the Art Village... At the recommendation of the locals, Ma Wen's Tengchong countryside tour was well arranged.

"Here is not only the most primitive and simple scenery, but also new tourism content that follows the trend and suits the preferences of young people."

  Nowadays, the connotation of rural tourism is constantly enriched and updated. It not only has "earthness", but also has fashion and taste. "Village tour" has become an important way for farmers to get rich. It is an important content of developing rural characteristic industries and an important part of showing new rural life. window.

  In mid-April, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized the 2021 China Beautiful Rural Leisure Tourism Tour (Spring) promotion event, and released 55 spring boutique routes and 176 boutique attractions to further promote the development of rural tourism and leisure agriculture.

It is understood that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, leisure agriculture has developed rapidly.

In 2020, despite the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, leisure agriculture will still achieve 600 billion yuan in operating income.

With the overall promotion of rural revitalization, leisure agriculture will also usher in great development, and the prospects for rural tourism will be even broader.

  New opportunities for high-quality development

  The vigorous development of green eco-tourism and rural tourism has injected strong vitality into the domestic tourism market, allowing the domestic tourism industry to present a colorful and new appearance, and it has also brought new development opportunities to the tourism industry.

  Over a long period of time in the past, outbound tourism has developed rapidly and has become a key focus area of ​​the tourism industry, with rich products and fast update iterations. In contrast, the domestic tourism market at that time lacked product abundance and innovation, which was very important for tourists. The attractiveness gradually decreases.

"Spend the same amount of money, the experience is poor, it is better to travel abroad." Once, such complaints were not uncommon on the Internet.

Entering the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, promoting high-quality development of the tourism industry has become the common goal of tourism authorities, the tourism industry and tourists.

At present, the development of outbound tourism has basically stagnated. How to enrich and upgrade domestic tourism products, meet people's thriving tourism demand, and improve people's tourism life quality, the Chinese tourism industry is actively exploring various ways.

  During the May 1st holiday this year, China’s tourism consumption market performed well. Self-driving tours, high-speed rail tours, camping tours, and increasingly convenient traffic conditions have given Chinese tourists more choices for travel; museum tours, red venue tours, and rural tourism. The connotation of tourism is constantly enriched, and the cultural flavor is becoming stronger and stronger; hardware facilities such as rural inns, characteristic homestays, and star hotels are becoming more and more complete, and more and more tourism products are in line with high-quality international standards.

  Dai Bin, Dean of the China Tourism Research Institute, pointed out that the current and future period of innovative development of red tourism, so that tourists have more sense of gain and higher satisfaction with tourism development, will become an important direction for the high-quality development of the tourism industry. And content.

  Reporter: Yin Jie