Many jobseekers are put off by vacancies with a laundry list of requirements that you must meet as a candidate.

Not necessary, say application experts Merle Fakkel and Mirjam Wiersma.

They will tell you how to deal with impossible job requirements.

As a candidate you must have relevant work experience, be good at planning, able to withstand pressure, be eager to learn and a perfect team player.

And oh yes, experience with complicated software programs is an advantage.

Unfortunately, many job seekers are put off by lists of job requirements like these, says Merle Fakkel, career coach and owner of

"Employers are looking for a sheep with five legs."

According to Fakkel, this is a result of a lot of demand and less supply.

"You used to stay with the same boss for thirty years. Now a growing number of employees are busy with their careers. They want to be able to develop. If the job no longer suits them, they are much more likely to look further."

This results in more applicants and so employers have the luxury of choosing from a wider range.

Employers start their search more critically and put all their wishes in the vacancy.

It helps as a jobseeker to also see the job requirements as a wish list, says Fakkel.

"It's okay if you don't have a few skills. If you're going to see it as a checklist, it's almost impossible to do."

Enthusiasm also counts

According to Mirjam Wiersma, trainer and owner of Helemaal Jij, the following golden rule applies when applying for a job: if you meet 80 percent of the (hard) requirements, you can respond well.

Wiersma emphasizes that it is not only about what you have already done and can do, but also about what you can still learn.

"Show what you do have and that you can also use the rest through your growth potential. Moreover, you will come across more enthusiastic. Someone who meets all the requirements is often a lot more indifferent."

"Always keep your own requirements in mind and only look for vacancies that suit you."

Mirjam Wiersma, Totally You

Before you react, first check what the hard requirements are for the position, Fakkel advises.

If it is not clear exactly what they are, ask.

"Call the company and make sure you learn all the ins and outs about the position."

This will prevent you from reacting haphazardly to functions.

"What also helps is staying focused. Always keep your own requirements in mind and only look for vacancies that suit you. Otherwise the job will cost you too much energy and you will have to look again after three months."

Keep the motivation and keep making the effort

Applying for a job certainly remains a difficult process for many people. Fakkel: "The entire job search demands a lot from you. You constantly run the risk of being rejected. This causes stress for many people." Try to motivate yourself and stay positive, because a search can take several months. And a candidate who radiates energy is more likely to be selected, says Wiersma. "If you really want it, it is seen as attractive. Ultimately, employers are looking for someone who inspires."

But also someone with whom you can work well. This is usually determined in a conversation. "Then it is about completely different things than the job requirements. But of course you have to be invited." Keep making the effort, because effort pays off, says Wiersma. Even if you have been rejected for the umpteenth time because the vacancy has been filled internally. "Then focus your energy on networks. You can work very actively on that."