Protect the health of overseas compatriots and help build an immune barrier

  "Spring Seed Action" has been launched in more than 120 countries

  In the past few days, our embassies and consulates abroad have actively implemented the "Spring Miao Action" to help overseas Chinese citizens get the new crown vaccine as soon as possible. It has been launched in more than 120 countries, benefiting more than 500,000 overseas compatriots.

The compatriots said that the "Spring Miao Action" has held up a "safety umbrella" for everyone to protect lives, and everyone is proud of and proud of the motherland.

  The "Spring Seed Operation" was officially launched in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, on May 13.

Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique Wang Hejun said at the launching ceremony that the successful landing of the "Spring Seed Operation" in Mozambique is a powerful manifestation of the friendship between China and Mozambique and international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

The Chinese Embassy in Mozambique will work hard to ensure that all Chinese citizens in Mozambique who meet the vaccination requirements will be vaccinated safely, orderly and steadily. We hope that everyone will continue to protect against the epidemic after completing the vaccination, and at the same time insist on fulfilling their social responsibilities, in order to build a closer China , China-Africa community with a shared future to make greater contributions.

  On May 11, the "Spring Seed Operation" was officially launched at the National Comprehensive Sports Center in Moka District, Mauritius.

Gong Yufeng, Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius, stated that the "Spring Miao Operation" will build a "firewall" for overseas compatriots.

To vaccinate Chinese citizens in Mauritania with the Chinese vaccine is also a concrete manifestation of China and Mauritania fighting the epidemic together.

The overseas Chinese in Mauritania thanked the motherland for its care and love for overseas Chinese, and expressed that they will continue to abide by the various epidemic prevention regulations of Mauritania, do a good job of personal protection, and make more contributions to the friendship between China and Mauritania with practical actions.

  The "Spring Seed Operation" was launched in Syria on May 6. Nearly 100 Chinese citizens in Syria completed the first dose of vaccination.

The Chinese Ambassador to Syria Feng Biao said that since the outbreak, the Chinese Embassy in Syria has provided help and services to Chinese citizens in Syria by issuing "health packs", "Spring Festival packs" and promoting the "Spring Miao Action".

  As of May 6, about 1,800 Chinese citizens in Namibia who were voluntarily and suitable for vaccination had all completed two doses of domestically-made new crown vaccine.

It is reported that the second dose of vaccination has been carried out in more than 300 vaccination sites in 35 cities (towns) since April 19.

  With the assistance of the Ministry of Health of Benin, the Chinese Embassy in Benin organized Chinese citizens in Benin to successfully complete the second dose of the domestically produced Coxing New Crown vaccine in the "Spring Miao Action" from May 4th to 5th.

The vaccination was arranged at the Cotonupura Kogi Health Center.

The "Spring Seed Operation" received swift response and full support from the Benin government.

The Ministry of Health of Benin has designated separate vaccination centers for Chinese citizens, and arranged for Chinese-made new crown vaccines according to the requirements of Chinese citizens.

The "Spring Miao Action" covers all Chinese citizens in Beibei, and about 900 Chinese compatriots in Beibei have voluntarily signed up and completed two doses of domestic vaccinations.

  With the active promotion of the Chinese Embassy in Tunisia and the strong support of Tunisia, six vaccination sites across Tunisia completed the second dose of the "Spring Seed Operation" on May 5, providing 139 people including compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Chinese compatriots in Tunisia will be vaccinated free of charge against the Chinese-made new crown vaccine.

The vaccinators said that the "Spring Seed Operation" made overseas compatriots feel the care of the motherland for the first time, and will continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention work, while steadily promoting the resumption of work and production.

  On May 3, the "Spring Seed Operation" was launched in Montenegro, and 432 Chinese citizens in Montenegro received the first dose of Chinese vaccine.

The Minister of Health of Montenegro Bojovic said that the black side vaccinating Chinese citizens in Montenegro once again demonstrated the traditional friendship between the two countries.

The vaccine previously donated by China to Montenegro has provided protection for a large part of the susceptible population. She expressed gratitude to China for providing the vaccine to Montenegro.

  Reporter: Wu Gang