The people of Gaza did not live the holiday they were waiting for, as Jerusalem is rising up to resist the forced displacement of the people of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and the occupying authorities are using force against the peaceful people, and escalating violence from Israeli settlers, and attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, so that Hamas uses its right to respond in defense of Al-Aqsa and its people.

The rockets are launched from Gaza in the direction of Tel Aviv, the legend of the Iron Dome collapses, and the euphoria of victory returns to hearts, and Madeleine Ibrahim's family refuses to eat Eid sweets and mushrooms.

Because a neighbor of theirs was killed by the bombing of the enemy while buying salted fish from the old Gaza market, as Gazans used to on the day the crescent was sighted.

From Madeleine in Gaza to the world

Through Madeline Ibrahim's accounts on social media, her battle began, which she chose to be active in the 2021 uprising, with a hope Madeleine’s life years had not realized before, and despite her passing through many of the uprisings that took place in Gaza;

Except that this time is different.

Madeleine tells Al-Jazeera Net about the Eid, which passed through Gaza during the last uprising, for the first time in years that the war brought together peace, between Gaza and the people of East Jerusalem, "For the first time we transcend the Oslo Accords, which divided the Palestinian people according to geographical borders, governments and separate issues; The gift of the interior, which occurred, was a torch for the entire Arab world, as it not only moved Gaza; it also moved the ranks of the resistance in all Arab countries. "

Madeline's voice coming over the phone is interrupted. She apologizes for the poor quality of the internet and the frequent blackouts. Gaza has returned to 2018, as her people become accustomed to the atmosphere of frequent power and communications outages.

Madeline skimps the availability of electricity and communication to convey to the world what is happening in Palestine, during the dialogue a huge explosion sounded, the echo was heard despite Madeline's assertions that it was too far from her home. The explosion was in the evacuation tower, which houses many offices of television channels and media outlets operating in Gaza, from Among them is an office for Al-Jazeera.

Madeleine Ibrahim is an activist from Gaza (networking sites)

Madeleine was not shaken, and everyday life in her home went on as it was;

But at night, fear comes and it does not go away, it stays with the whole family, and they sleep together in one room, the sound of the remembrances and the daily hurdling louder than the sound of the shells. Bombing, what is happening has become greater than all Gaza's defensive capabilities, so that the civil defense crews hear the voices of people under the rubble, and what they are able to remove is because of the primacy of the tools, and the lack of helplessness kills us. "

The Arab position on the Palestinian uprising was not expected from Madeleine, at the time when the Palestinian girl valued the efforts of Egypt’s people, flowering and leadership towards what is happening there. She was dismayed by the setback for normalization that occurred to other peoples, “Egypt's position astonished us and the strengths of our steadfastness at home, and we felt the presence of a back It is enough to protect us from brutal aggression, it is enough to open the crossing and the passage of medical teams, ambulance supplies and foodstuffs, the reality of Egypt, the mother of the world and Umm al-Arab, as well as what happened in Jordan and the storming of Jordanian youth into the borders and in Lebanon, Iraq, and Algeria, all of this terrifies the Israelis and strengthens us. "

Lethal Eid missiles

From Nazareth (northern Palestine), Amani Ibrahim, a lawyer, continues her work in monitoring prisoners, organizing sit-ins and calls for demonstrations, and spreading news of the occupier's attacks on Gaza and the ancient Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Amani made repeated calls, once to journalists, another to medical staff, and several times to local radio stations.

It closely monitors the violations of the Zionist police, and publishes and writes all that is related to it.

She had never thought that this would be the case the days before and after Eid, so no one knows when it will end.

Amani told Al-Jazeera Net, "We have nothing but to convey our voice to the world, this uprising is different from all that preceded it. We are for the first time around the heart of one man in all Arab countries, and within divided Palestine we all have one voice, and this is what terrifies them."

Palestinian lawyer Amani Ibrahim closely covers the ongoing violations of the Palestinian police and follows up on detainees' affairs (Al-Jazeera)

Amani tells about the days of Eid, saying, "The Eid rockets this time were real, as it was not a game." Unfortunately, she adds, "We did not arrange the house nor decorate it for Eid. We did not make cakes and did not taste it. We used to divide ourselves between Sheikh Jarrah and Gaza, distribute relief and calculate the size The harm, when we prayed the Eid in the courtyard of Al-Aqsa, was the only time we tasted the joy of Eid, after which I went out of prayer to the court to follow the detainees, and spent the three days of Eid in court as normal working days.