Regarding the large-scale inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine, which began accepting reservations on the 17th, Minister of Defense Kishi has a system that allows reservations even with non-existent vaccination ticket numbers, so please provide appropriate information when making reservations. I asked you to enter it.

Vaccinations at large-scale vaccination centers opened by the government in Tokyo and Osaka began accepting reservations on the Internet from the 17th, but reservations can be made even if you enter a non-existent vaccination ticket number or an incorrect number. It has become.

Regarding this, Minister of Defense Kishi told reporters after the cabinet meeting that in order to prevent reservations with non-existent numbers, it is necessary to link the reservation system with the system of the local government, but the leakage of personal information due to cyber attacks etc. In order to prevent it, it was clarified that large-scale system repairs such as stringing will not be carried out.

He added, "Making a reservation by fraudulent means is a malicious act that can lose the opportunity of those who really want to get vaccinated and waste valuable vaccines," and enter appropriate information when making a reservation. I called on you to do it.

In addition, Minister Kishi expressed his intention to repair a part of the system, such as not accepting non-existent numbers for the "city code" entered when making a reservation.

On the other hand, Minister Kishi said that some media outlets actually made a reservation and tried to make a reservation even with a non-existent vaccination ticket number. ..