The president of the Republican party Christian Jacob wished Tuesday "the victory" of Renaud Muselier to the regional Paca to "prevent the switch" of this region in favor of the RN, despite his "error of political analysis" by putting on his list of LREM candidates.

"In the continuity and proud of the results of the past mandate, we wish the victory of Renaud Muselier for the regional ones on June 27, thus preventing the switch to the National Rally" of Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur, wrote in a press release on boss of LR, at the end of a strategic council of his party during which certain elected representatives again asked to withdraw the nomination to Renaud Muselier.

Renaud Muselier "made a mistake" according to his party

"There is neither minister nor LREM deputy on Renaud Muselier's list", which was the condition for LR to support his investiture, said Christian Jacob.

But he also deplored that “the presence of running mate of the presidential majority and the absence of parliamentarians from the Republicans on the list created tensions and confusion on the ground, detrimental to the campaign”.

Renaud Muselier "made a mistake and an error in political analysis by not believing in his own strength and that of his political family, thus giving in to Elyos maneuvers", according to him.


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