The trend of increasing corona 19 confirmed cases in Taiwan, which has been regarded as a'best practice for quarantine' by effectively controlling Corona 19 so far, is unusual.

In Taiwan, there were 333 local infections on the 17th alone.

Compared to the number of confirmed cases in other countries such as Korea, it may seem insignificant, but until the 14th, three days ago, the cumulative number of local infections in Taiwan was only 164.

The total cumulative number of confirmed cases was about 1,000, but the majority were patients from overseas.

Since the outbreak of Corona 19 last year, twice as many infections occurred in one day than the number of local infections that came out until recently.

The increase is also remarkable.

Until now, there were no new infections or only a single digit, but it surged from 7 on the 11th, 16 on the 12th, 13 on the 13th, 29 on the 14th to 180 on the 15th, 206 on the 16th, and 333 on the 17th.

It is literally an explosive increase, changing the highs every day.

▲ The cumulative number of COVID-19 patients in Taiwan.

The total number of confirmed cases in red is local infections, blue is foreign patients, and gray is the two.

(Source = Taiwan Central News Agency)

"It's on the J-shaped curve of fear"...

Hoarding polarity

Of the 333 confirmed cases that occurred on the 17th, 306 came from Taipei and New Taipei City in northern Taiwan. There are also different age groups from 5 to 90 years old. The problem is that the exact route of infection has not yet been determined. Taiwan's quarantine authorities believe that many of the confirmed cases have occurred in teahouses, Lions clubs, and adult arcades, but there are many cases where the route of infection is unclear. It is spreading rapidly through traditional markets as well. Taiwan's quarantine authorities said, "It is presumed that all of the recent confirmed cases originated from the same source of infection," but said, "It is not easy to find a connection immediately." Some of the patients who were recently diagnosed as confirmed were also suspected of being infected in early April. Local infections may have occurred in several places in the meantime.

"Taiwan is on the'J-shaped curve of fear'," said Dr. Huang Xuan, a Taiwanese severe treatment doctor. The'J-shaped curve' refers to a situation in which the number of infected decreases due to early containment measures, and then increases again after an incubation period. At this time, sporadic infections or no patients appear, so they believe that'even if a patient occurs, we can control it.' However, during the incubation period, the virus is said to be active. Dr. Huang Xuan compared the incubation period to'the calm stage before the storm'. It was analyzed that if the incubation period was not properly coped, the number of infected people increased dramatically over the next 4 to 6 weeks. It is said that the fear of citizens is also spreading that much.

Taiwan's quarantine authorities have announced that it will raise the quarantine boundary level in Taipei and New Taipei City to Level 3 and close all schools in Taipei City for two weeks.

It is mandatory to wear a mask when going out, and gatherings of 5 or more people indoors and 10 or more outdoors are prohibited.

Hoarding is also polarizing.

The quarantine authorities have warned that there is no need to rush to buy quarantine supplies and necessities, but citizens are running to supermarkets and stores.

Empty product shelves are increasing.

Vegetable prices have risen 38% in one day, and food purchases online have increased by 50%.

China "The only thing that can help Taiwan is China...Get a Chinese vaccine"

China seems to see the surge in Taiwan's corona19 confirmed as an opportunity to supply domestic vaccines.

Chinese State Council spokesman Zhu Fenglian said in a statement on the 17th, "Mainland China expresses deep concern over the infectious disease facing Taiwanese compatriots." Said.

He added, "First of all, removing Taiwan's'political barriers' that impedes the import of vaccines from the mainland."

China has proposed supplying the vaccine to Taiwan, but the ruling Democratic Party of Taiwan has rejected it.

China's state-run Global Times said, "Taiwan's vaccination rate is less than 1%," and "the only vaccine available in Taiwan is 300,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine."

Citing an anonymous Taiwanese expert, "When China tried to provide a vaccine to Taiwan, Taiwan believed that China was trying to test a vaccine against Taiwanese citizens or use the vaccine to engage in psychological warfare." "You have to realize that there is."

In Taiwan as well as Singapore, local infections are on the rise recently.

It reminds us that there is no'eternal safety zone' in front of the epidemic, and that vigilance is prohibited.