It is violence that resonates strongly a few days after the tragic death of Chahinez Daoud in Mérignac near Bordeaux, whose ex-companion accused of having burned her alive.

This weekend, a 40-year-old man was taken into custody by the gendarmes of Marmande in Lot-et-Garonne for domestic violence.

Her 37-year-old partner begged her 6-year-old daughter to call for help as she suffered beatings last Saturday in the early evening.

Traces of violence on the face and forearm of this woman have been discovered.

The child would also have been jostled, specifies

Sud Ouest


The gendarmes took the spouse already known to their services for similar acts in custody.

At first, he could not be heard due to his inebriation.


Woman burnt alive in Mérignac: The report reveals "a series of failures between the services"


Woman burnt alive in Mérignac: What do we know about the case?

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