A black vehicle hits a large truck at a crossroad and stops.

This black pickup truck is a vehicle with a murder suspect in a chase with the police on the road.

[Ahmed/truck driver: I saw what was going on and I thought I had to stop the getaway vehicle. I thought that if I didn't do that, someone else could die.]

Ahmed, the driver

who took a

big risk and stopped the escaping vehicle, only thought that the dragon's vehicle would stop if he stopped it at the time of the incident. I didn't think about it.

I've been told by the police that I should never be in danger again, but I have no regrets.

[Ahmed/truck driver: I think I did the right thing. I don't regret my decision.] The

problem was the insurance company.

After the incident, the insurance company charged $22,000 for repairs to repair the broken car, but the insurance company refused to pay the insurance fee, claiming that it was a deliberate accident.

[Ahmed/Driver: I was greatly shocked by the reaction of the insurance company.] In the

end, Ahmed, who could not repair the truck, is in a very difficult situation economically because he is unable to work and has no income but charges various charges.

[Ahmed/truck driver: A really tough situation continues as everything piles up one by one. I think I'm just stuck in this situation.]

Fortunately, Ahmed's story hit a sip site in the United States, raising $88,000, far more than the cost of repairing a truck.