Today, Sunday, the Israeli occupation army opened fire towards demonstrators inside Lebanon after they destroyed Israeli surveillance cameras installed on the border fence between Lebanon and occupied Palestine, at a time when the Jordanian capital Amman witnessed a mass rally in support of the Palestinian people, and condemning the Israeli aggression, under the title "Resistance is the title of liberation."

In Beirut, Lebanese media reported that dozens of citizens attempted to storm the border fence between Lebanon and Israel at the Mutla settlement, and the Israeli occupation army tanks fired warning shots at them, but the shooting did not result in injuries among the demonstrators on the Lebanese side.

Despite the Lebanese army taking intense security measures and closing all roads leading to the border, hundreds of these youths managed to reach the fence, climb over it, and destroy the Israeli cameras installed on it.

For the third day in a row, the Lebanese town of Adaisse - adjacent to the border with Israel - is witnessing angry demonstrations, in support of the Palestinians in the face of continuous Israeli aggression.

The protests at the border include stone-throwing, Israeli cameras, and attempts to cross the border fence, matched by a mobilization and shooting from the Israeli side.

For its part, the United Nations Interim Force Command in South Lebanon (UNIFIL) said - in a statement today - that its soldiers are on the ground, working in close coordination with the Lebanese Armed Forces to provide security in the area since the beginning of the demonstrations.

"We are together with the Lebanese army on the ground to reduce tension and prevent the situation from escalating further," she added, adding that she has opened an investigation into the recent incidents along the Blue Line, and continues to "urge everyone to exercise restraint."

On Friday, the first day, Friday, a young Lebanese man was succumbed to wounds sustained as a result of shooting by Israeli forces on youths who tried to cross the border to reach an Israeli settlement on the border with Lebanon.

Meanwhile, dozens of Lebanese carried out sit-ins and stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people, in the towns of Abbasiya and Marwahin (south) near the borders with occupied Palestine and Minya (north), during which they chanted slogans denouncing the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, and in solidarity with the Palestinians, in the presence of a number Who are responsible.

The Secretary General of the Future Movement, Ahmed Hariri, said - in a speech during the stand - "We stand with our people in Gaza against Israeli racism towards all Palestinians, and we hope that they will prevail over this ordeal."

In Abbasiya, the border to the south, dozens of people took part in a solidarity stand, amid a call by the Israeli army on the opposite side.

The demonstrators raised Palestinian and Lebanese flags, and chanted slogans in support of the Palestinian people and condemning the Israeli arrogance.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Islamic Group in Lebanon, Sheikh Omar Haymour, stressed - during the stand - on "the need to protect the holy sites in the occupied Palestinian territories, and to unify the Arab position alongside the Palestinian people in light of the aggression against the Gaza Strip."

In Minya, in the north, dozens of people took part in a stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, condemning the Israeli attacks in Gaza and Jerusalem.

We salute our people in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, and we are proud of our people who are fighting and resisting the occupation with rockets that reached deep inside Israel, said Abu Jihad Fayyad, secretary of the Fatah movement in the north.

Thousands participate in a march of solidarity with Palestine in the center of the Jordanian capital Amman, stressing that resistance is the path to liberation (Anatolia)

Demonstrations in Jordan

In the Jordanian capital, Amman, under the title "Resistance through liberation," thousands of Jordanians today participated in a march in support of the Palestinians against the continuing Israeli military aggression.

The march began in front of the Al-Husseini Mosque, in the heart of the capital, Amman, at the invitation of the Islamic Movement and party, trade union and popular components.

The participants chanted slogans in support of the resistance, and held up banners reading "With our soul and blood we redeem you, O Aqsa," and "Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine," carrying Palestinian flags.

The participants burned an Israeli flag, and from the surfaces of one of the data, children and women spread sweets to the participants.

Jordan has been witnessing - for more than a week - protest activities in support of Palestine, while the participants are calling on the government of their country to take a strong stand regarding what is happening in the occupied territories.