• The first stage of deconfinement must take place from Wednesday in France.

  • The terraces of restaurants, bars, but also places of leisure and culture can reopen in compliance with sanitary measures.

  • "20 Minutes" imagined a busy program for those who would have put down their day on this occasion.

From Wednesday, in Lille as elsewhere, life will resume its course, at least in part. Activities that have been inaccessible for a few weeks, or even several months for some, will again be possible in compliance with the health rules put in place for this deconfinement. Shopping, culture, leisure, terraces… To organize your time well,

20 Minutes

has put together a little program that will not give you time to get bored during this long-awaited day.

The matter will be quickly settled for those who have decided to take advantage of the many destinations offered from Wednesday by Lille airport.

Already, it is possible to fly to the south of France or Corsica.

This is now also the case for the international with flights operated to Greece since May 15, or to Spain from next week.

By summer, 30 destinations in the Mediterranean basin and the Canaries will be accessible directly from Lille.

The terraces as stages of the day

For those who stay in Lille, why not start their day with a small terrace café in the city center? Bars and restaurants will be able to welcome customers outside in limited capacity from Wednesday. This little pleasure should keep you going until 9.45 am, giving you plenty of time to head to the citadel to be among the first to visit the Lille zoo, which reopens at 10 am. The town hall also promises novelties not to be missed. To stay in the theme, you will have to take a trip to the Natural History Museum. This will be an opportunity to discover it in its new configuration after the works: new entrance, cloakroom and the “Sweet Flamingo cabinet of curiosities”.

It will already be time to eat.

No more getting delivered or eating a sandwich on the steps of the opera house: head to a restaurant terrace.

Well, there is plenty to choose from, but there will surely be plenty of people too.

Places may be expensive even if the town hall has planned to grant extensions of terraces or ephemeral terraces.

If you don't have a free table or if you are not hungry, a shopping stroll in the shopping streets can also do the trick.

Exhibitions, museums, movies, theater ...

After lunch, go to Tripostal to discover the Lille 3000 exhibition, “Colors, etc. », Co-organized with the Ghent Design Museum. You can also go to the Institut de la photo or to the Sainte-Marie-Madeleine church for “Young colors”, an exhibition of works by young creators from artistic education establishments of the European Metropolis of Lille and from Belgium. If you don't hang around too much, there will still be time to go for a stroll in the alleys of the Beaux-arts in Lille, the Swimming pool in Roubaix or the Muba in Tourcoing. The latter will also offer a new exhibition entitled “Figuration and abstraction”.

Depending on the time of day, several options will be available to you to end this day.

Making a canvas is one of them.

For example, the Lille UGC has adapted the session times to respect the curfew which will pass on Wednesday at 9 p.m.

At 7 pm, at the Ideal Theater in Tourcoing, we will play “Theatro naturale?

», By Paola Berselli and Stefano Pasquini.

There again, you will be able to return before the fateful hour.

And if your neurons and your feet have worked enough for the day, a return to the terrace is always possible.

Due to sanitary measures and restricted gauges, activities are by reservation, don't forget to anticipate.


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