It was in the south of France that Hyundai tested the new Rally 1 car for the first time.

Next year, the hybrid car will be fully used in the WC's main class, Rally 1, which replaces today's WRC class.

- It is a special moment when you take the car out to the road for the first time and you always face some challenges.

It was exciting to start the tests and start this exciting adventure, says Hyundai's stable manager Andrea Adamo in a press release.

"Fantastic job"

And Oliver Solberg was thus one of those who got the chance to drive the car directly and thus speaks more and more that the talent can drive even more races in the highest class next year.

Solberg made his WRC debut for Hyundai in Finland in February and will also drive the same class in Sardinia's World Rally Championship in early June.

Next up, however, is Portugal's World Cup rally and the WRC 2 class, where Solberg will drive for the first time this year for championship points.

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See Oliver Solberg's road to the top - from cross kart to WC rally Photo: SVT / Bildbyrån

- They have done a fantastic job with the car but now my focus shifts to Rally Portugal and my WRC2 debut next weekend, Solberg writes on social media.