Huskvarna scout corps is an example of many of a corps that has grown.

But here the increase has taken place gradually, even if you look further back than 2020.

- In ten years, we have gone from being 15 members to 70. It is great fun, says Richard Carlsson, leader.

The scouts also think it's fun that the corps is growing.

- You make new friends all the time, says Vilgot Hallingbäck.

But what's so fun about scouting?

- Here it is not an achievement but you get to be yourself and have fun with others, says Vilja Askerlund.

The scouts Dag Wennbladh, Vilja Askerlund and Vilgot Hallingbäck in Huskvarna.

Photo: Kristin Renulf / SVT

More leaders are needed

Since scouting is an activity that is largely conducted outdoors, the change during the corona pandemic has not been too great, which may be one reason why many new children have been added.

- We have been even more out even in the winter and wash our hands a little more often, says Dag Wennbladh.

Across the country, the Scouts have 75,000 members and 1,000 corps.

But there are also about 9,000 children in line to enter.

The lack of leaders is one reason why the business at present cannot grow as much.

- It is a concern to find leaders even though we have many committed parents.

If we had more leaders, I think we could double our membership here in Huskvarna, says Richard Carlsson.

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