Videos and pictures from Israel that show the horror and fear of the Israelis, as they scrambled towards shelters to take shelter from the Qassam rockets that were raining on their settlements and cities, especially Tel Aviv.

And after the Al-Qassam Brigades announced that the curfew was lifted from Tel Aviv and its surroundings for two hours, by order of the Chief of Staff Abu Khaled Muhammad Al-Deif, and the military spokesman for the brigades, Abu Ubaidah, declared that “after the bombing of the civilian tower in Gaza, the residents of Tel Aviv and the center must stand on One man, waiting for our earth-shattering response ";

Fear, confusion and breathlessness increased among the Israelis.

This confusion appeared in the jogging, running, and eager search for the nearest shelter to enter.

Israeli activists and media outlets circulated these clips that show moments of fear and panic, not to mention the mass flight from beaches, shops and on the roads while the Qassam Brigades lit their skies with missiles.

The clips show the breathtaking moments of Israelis in their shelters or lying on the streets with their eyes fixed on the sky.

For fear of the Palestinian resistance missiles.


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