On Saturday evening, after a fight on Mainzer Landstrasse in Frankfurt, there was a dispute between bystanders and the police. An emergency call had initially reported a dispute between at least three people. Upon their arrival, the called officers saw several vehicles parked on the street and three men fighting with each other. A 34 year old man was lying on the ground at that moment, he was punching and kicking. When the officers tried to arrest the man, he fought against them violently. In addition to kicking and hitting the police officers, he also pulled on their protective vests to bring the officers down. At the same time, the other two men also attacked the police.

Shortly afterwards, onlookers gathered to shout their displeasure with the arrest, while some physically attacked the officers.

The 34-year-old man also continued to resist his arrest, which is why, according to the police, both pepper spray and batons were used.

Another police patrol called in succeeded in pacifying the situation.

At the station it became clear that the 34-year-old man had suffered from drug-induced psychosis for about a week.

After the police measures, the man was taken to a psychiatric facility.

In connection with the dispute, the people involved have been reported for various offenses.

A criminal complaint was also filed against the police officers.

Video clips of the situation were shared on social media on Saturday, where they sparked criticism of the officials' actions. The brawl is not related to the demonstrations that took place in Frankfurt on Saturday.