Tunisia: demonstrations of support for the Palestinians

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Demonstration of support for the Palestinian people, this Saturday, March 15, 2021, in Tunis, the Tunisian capital.


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In Tunisia, demonstrations took place in several cities of the country.

In Tunis, hundreds of people gathered on Avenue Bourguiba to give their support to the Palestinian people.

Despite the general containment in force, many made the trip waving the Palestinian flag.


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With our correspondent in Tunis,

Michel Picard

Simple slogans to support the Palestinians and the inhabitants of Gaza… In the good-natured procession, Béchir Oudahlet, union activist: “

We consider



The Palestinian people have been campaigning for their independence for 80 years.

So, don't expect the authorities to do something.

The people must do something



Supporting a brotherly people and denouncing colonization, these are the reasons which pushed Bridi Nejia, Palestinian flag in hand, to pound the pavement: “

 Free men and free women in Tunisia, they are with Palestine.

We are the same people.

Our problem is to free the Palestinians. 


Tunisians and Palestinians are linked by a strong history, as Riad Ben Fadhel, secretary general of a left-wing party, reminds us: “

 In the Palestinian resistance, there have always been Tunisian fighters, since 1947. In all Tunisian cemeteries , you will find two, three tombs of Tunisians who fell for the defense of Palestine. There is no point in trying to blame Hamas for this today. Today, the Palestinian people must be able to legitimately exercise their rights and all these problems will be behind us.


Many students marched, like Hosseim, keffiyeh around his neck.

He affirms that his brother people ultimately claim little: “ 

Asking for a simple freedom, to live, to have water, electricity.

These are basic needs.

What is happening there is not fair.


Monday, May 17, all schools in the country are called to hoist the Palestinian flag alongside the Tunisian flag.

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