The remote meeting of the Greens' delegation discussed the ongoing information policy program of the Greens on Saturday.

The opening speech was given by Jyrki Kasvi, 57, a member of the working group and a former Member of Parliament.

It could have been otherwise.

Last January, the Plant received a referral.

In April, the situation changed when the Plant was treated with two brand new anticancer drugs, which Fimea had granted a separate authorization for.

“Maybe now dare to have some hope,” Kasvi said before May Day in an interview with Iltalehti.

The plant described the results of the information policy working group as distinctive, “even though I am a member of it at least formally”.

The plant wondered how it is still not possible to make economic decisions in Finland with the help of up-to-date digital information.

He also mentioned the “million-class problems” in the management of patient data and the case of Vastamo, which “was not enough to wake up Finns”.

- In Ireland, information about the entire health system is now held hostage and ransoms are required, Kasvi mentioned.

He would like a special ministry to push the issue of information policy.

- All other options have already been tried.

Need, whose success is measured, Plant reasoned.

The meeting started at 12.30.

- At 2.30 pm I have to be on dialysis, Kasvi mentioned.

As a recent Member of Parliament, he contracted urothelial cancer of the bladder in 2003 and has openly spoken out about his struggle against the disease.