Gatherings in support of Palestinians in Europe: thousands in Berlin

Demonstration in support of the Palestinians, in Berlin, Germany on May 15, 2021. REUTERS - CHRISTIAN MANG

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The current tensions in the Middle East sparked demonstrations in various European countries this Saturday, May 15.

Various rallies in support of the Palestinians took place across Germany, bringing together several thousand people.

They were taking place in a tense atmosphere due to incidents this week with anti-Semitic statements or questioning the very existence of Israel and which still cause great emotion in Germany.

Three pro-Palestinian protests took place in Berlin today.


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With our correspondent in Berlin,

Pascal Thibaut

The Hermannplatz, in the multicultural district of Berlin, is this Saturday the rallying point of the pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

The organizers first remind participants, in Arabic and German, of the red lines not to be crossed set by the police: "

It is forbidden to make defamatory remarks against an ethnic or religious group


Clearly, no anti-Semitic slogans or calling for the destruction of Israel.

This participant, a Turkish woman, rejects such excesses, but has come to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.


The media do not report on what is happening in Israel right now,

” she said.

It is not possible to present people, permanently oppressed, as murderers. 


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This first event with a hundred people took place in peace.

Participants criticize Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran.

A second, with about 3,500 people according to the police, is interrupted by the police because of the non-respect of the barrier gestures.

This decision gave rise to scuffles.

Protesters chant " 

bomb Tel Aviv


At another rally where can hear: "

Stop doing to us what Hitler did to you


Place de l'Albertine in the center of Brussels is packed with people.

Palestinian flags are fluttering all over the place.

Young people have even climbed to the top of the statutes.

Keffiyeh tied around the neck, Nesrine came to give her support ...

Report: more than 3,000 people gathered in Brussels

Jeremy Audouard


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