The singer Gaëtan Roussel was the guest of Laurent Mariotte in the program "La Table des bons vivant".

The opportunity for the artist to present his new album, “Est-ce que tu sais?”, And to talk about his passion for the work of winegrowers. 

Gaëtan Roussel is a bon vivant.

It was therefore without hesitation that he accepted Laurent Mariotte's invitation for the program "La Table des bons vivant", exceptionally recorded at the Ferme de la Mondière in Orbec, in Calvados.

Throughout the show, neither the rain nor the cold got the better of the artist's curiosity for local products and the people who make them.

After a live from his new album 

Est-ce-que-tu sais?

, he also confided that this curiosity animates him on a daily basis, especially around wine.

From its realization to its tasting, always in moderation. 

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Passion and transmission

“I love going out to meet winegrowers,” says Gaëtan Roussel. "I am fortunate to know some winegrowers whom I adore. But there are also some whom I have never met. Among them, I would very much like to see in Aveyron, Nicolas Carmarans. He makes in particular the famous Fer wine. of blood." Gaëtan Roussel is a true enthusiast, as he proves with his extensive knowledge.

"I like Jura wines too. I am lucky to know Eric Pfifferling, who is in Tavel and makes a magnificent wine. But above all, I love to listen to them. Their work, their way forward. Then we comes back to music, cooking, sharing, construction, the way of sometimes leaving certain places fallow to come back to them a little later ... It's a story of transmission, I find it beautiful and fascinating. " 

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Creative intoxication 

"I find that wine is a good studio companion", explains Gaëtan Roussel. “Red wine in particular. I don't know why I associate it with those moments in the studio where the light is subdued, without being in the cliché at all. There is a link with the creative work. move on, let things settle. The wine also settles. I like that idea. " An inspiration that he consumes in moderation, of course.