Amidst a six-day massive armed conflict between the Israeli army and the Palestinian armed faction Hamas, the building in which foreign media from Gaza were occupied was collapsed in an Israeli air raid. US President Joe Biden spoke with the leaders of both sides.

Reporter Ahn Seo-hyun reports.


Red flames soar, creating a huge cloud of dust, and the building collapses.

Yesterday (15th) local time, a 12-story building in Gaza, where foreign media companies such as the Associated Press and Qatar state broadcaster Al Jazeera, moved in, was destroyed by Israeli forces.

Earlier, the Israeli army warned, "The building could be a target for an air raid, so evacuate all within an hour."

[Reporter Heba Akira/Al Jazeera: The owner of the building told all office occupants and residents to evacuate from the building.]

Israeli forces claimed the reason for the air raid that "the building is being used militarily by Hamas."

The Associated Press strongly criticized the bombing as an attempt to stop media coverage of the Gaza Strip.

US President Joe Biden also spoke with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders, urged efforts to resolve the armed conflict, while also stressing the need to ensure the safety of the media.

This is the first call since the inauguration of President Biden in January with the head of the Palestinian Authority.

Amid massive armed clashes between Israeli troops and Gaza armed faction Hamas since the 10th, the reported death toll in Gaza has reached 140 and the number of Israeli deaths from Hamas' rocket attacks has been reported as 9.

The UN Security Council is scheduled to hold a videoconference today to discuss ways to resolve armed conflict.