Several western and Arab capitals witnessed protests for the third day in a row against the attacks and assaults of the Israeli occupation forces on the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the rest of the Palestinian territories.

In France, police attacked demonstrators in central Paris, fired tear gas canisters, opened hot water hoses at them, and attacked them with batons.

The French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan said - Friday evening - saying, "I do not want people to chant 'Death to the Jews', as happened on the streets in the 2014 events in Paris."

A demonstration began in Paris this afternoon in support of the Palestinians who are under Israeli attacks in Gaza, Jerusalem and the rest of the Palestinian territories a few days ago, and the demonstrations came despite being banned by the authorities.

In anticipation of the Paris demonstrations, the police had ordered the closure of shops from noon along the route of the demonstration, starting from the neighborhood of Barb - crowded with immigrants in the north - all the way to Place de la Bastille.

The French police had warned - in a tweet on Twitter - that anyone participating in the demonstration would face a fine of 135 euros ($ 165).

Recours au canon à eau lors du rassemblement pro-Palestine à Paris #Palestine #Barbes

- Xenia (@XeniaReports) May 15, 2021

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan called for similar bans in other cities if necessary.

Officials banned marches in Nice and some suburbs of Paris.

Meanwhile, demonstrations were held in Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille and other cities.

Critics accuse France of being very biased towards Israel in the recent conflict, which saw the Israeli bombing of Gaza from the air, sea and land, as well as the attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank cities and Palestinians in 1948 during the last days.

London witnessed a massive demonstration today to condemn the Israeli attacks against Palestinians (Reuters)


In the British capital, thousands demonstrated in central London in support of the Palestinian people, calling on the British government to intervene to stop the Israeli military operation.

The demonstrators gathered this afternoon at Marble Arch next to Hyde Park, and marched from it towards the Israeli embassy at the other end of the park, waving Palestinian flags and banners calling for the "saving" of Palestine.

The organizers - including the "Stop the War" coalition, the Muslim League in the United Kingdom, the Campaign for Solidarity with Palestine and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - said that "it is imperative that the British government take immediate measures."

And they added - in a statement to them - "it must no longer be allowed to keep the brutal violence against the Palestinian people (...) without punishment," amid condemnation of the attacks that killed civilians in Gaza, which were described as "war crimes."

The organizers added that "the British government is a partner in these actions as long as it provides military, diplomatic and financial support to Israel."

Pro-Palestinian protests in the German capital (Anatolia)


In Germany, pro-Palestinian demonstrators took to the streets in the capital, Berlin, in conjunction with the escalation of Israeli attacks on the Palestinians.

Dozens gathered - according to German police data - in Hermann Square, and marched to the city’s municipality building in Neukölln. The demonstrators demanded “freedom for Palestine” and recalled “Nakba Day”.

Hundreds of people demonstrated today in the city of Leipzig, in eastern Germany, to express their support for Palestine.


In Austria, the police prevented two demonstrations of solidarity with Palestine that were scheduled today.

A side of a demonstration in Madrid in support of the Palestinians in the face of the Israeli occupation attacks (Anatolia)


And in the Spanish capital, thousands took part in a protest in Madrid in support of the Palestinians.

The Palestinian community in Spain organized the "Jerusalem" march on the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba.

A mass demonstration in Sydney condemning the Israeli attacks (Anatolia)


In Australia, thousands demonstrated against the Israeli attacks on Gaza and the attacks on Jerusalem and the rest of the Palestinian territories.

In Sydney, protesters gathered at the town hall to start a march in the streets, chanting slogans such as "Freedom for Palestine" and "Freedom for Gaza."

In Melbourne, protesters gathered in front of the Victoria State Library and marched towards Parliament, many of them carrying signs with the words "Freedom for Palestine".

They paid billions of dollars, recruiting thousands of agents, in order to forget the Palestinian cause

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Mass protests in Iraq

In Iraq, thousands of people took part in a protest demonstration in central Baghdad and a number of provinces today, Saturday, to condemn the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people.

The demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square in the capital, Baghdad, at the invitation of the Islamic currents, to go out in popular demonstrations to confirm the position of the people of Iraq to stand by the Palestinian people in their struggle against the Israeli occupation and the crimes committed by the Israeli forces against the Palestinian citizens.

The demonstrators went out, waving the flags of Iraq and Palestine and chanting slogans demanding retribution from the Israeli forces.

The demonstrators burned the flags of Israel and the United States during the crowded demonstration in Tahrir Square, while a large flag was carried to Palestine and the slogans "Yes, yes to Jerusalem" and "Jerusalem is the capital of religions" were raised.

The demonstrators expressed their anger and condemnation of the Israeli attacks in their chants, slogans and speeches.

A side of the pro-Palestine demonstration in the Tunisian capital today (Reuters)


In Tunisia, civil society activists and representatives of political parties took part today in a march in the center of the capital to declare solidarity with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, with the continuation of the Israeli attacks.

Organizations and parties participated in the march that roamed the main street, Habib Bourguiba, in the center of the capital.

The marchers carried Palestinian flags, wore the keffiyeh, and raised slogans in support of the resistance and denouncing the Israeli attacks - continuing for the sixth consecutive day - on the Gaza Strip and against Palestinians in Jerusalem, in light of the fall of more dead and wounded.

A coalition of anti-normalization organizations with Israel also called for a stand in front of the government headquarters in the Kasbah Square today, Saturday, to call for the criminalization of normalization.