From 300 to 400 people "from all over France", with comedian Jean-Marie Bigard as a figurehead, gathered in peace this Saturday in Lyon to protest against the wearing of masks.

"The prefecture requires us to read you the health recommendations", launches one of the organizers, perched on a small stage installed on a square in the prosperous 6th arrondissement.


», Answers the crowd« You have the right to boo », adds the young woman, before making fun of, to applause, the sanitary rules.

Another organizer says he does not want "France to fall into the hands of the globalists", but promises "a major operation in the weeks to come" which will "turn around suddenly" the country. "Freedom, freedom" chanted the demonstrators in the fine rain. An orchestra performs somehow "Words, words", or "He is free Max (without mask)".

In the motley crowd, anti-vaccines ("Vax ARN, genetic manipulation"), a Savoyard independence activist flag in the wind, supporters of Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, imprisoned for having conducted wild therapeutic trials.

A young woman wears a yellow star.

The police were not visible while none of the demonstrators respected the barrier gestures.

Another demonstration, deemed risky by the authorities, was taking place at the same time not far away, Place Bellecour, in defense of the Palestinian people.


The end of the mask for people vaccinated "would be premature" in France, says Hélène Rossinot


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