Adoption of the "PayBy" application for electronic payment of taxis in Abu Dhabi

The Integrated Transport Center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - affiliated to the Department of Municipalities and Transport - announced that taxis operating in the emirate will provide, as of tomorrow, the service of paying vehicle tariffs electronically through the PayBy application, in an easy, safe and convenient way instead of paying in cash, in a step that contributes to diversifying options Available payment, enhances the safety level of passenger transport operations through the taxi fleet, improves the quality of services provided to vehicle users and reduces the risk of infection transmission under the current circumstances.

This initiative supports the digital transformation process pursued by the Integrated Transport Center in cooperation with the relevant strategic partners, to meet the aspirations and aspirations of customers and enhance their satisfaction through the use of electronic payment wallets, while also keeping pace with the Abu Dhabi digital transformation plan aimed at transforming Abu Dhabi into a smart city with its various sectors and services.

Paying the vehicle fare via the PayBy app is smooth and easy, when arriving at the destination, the passenger can ask the driver to pay the option by scanning the QR code on the meter screen.

Confirm the transaction by entering his password or facial recognition feature on his smartphone, and both the driver and the passenger will receive a notification upon the successful completion of the transaction.

Credit card users can add their cards to their PayBy account and perform the transaction when paying the fare;

Those without credit cards can also pay by charging their electronic payment wallets via online bank cards or cash at kiosks, and pay via the PayBy app.

In order to encourage riders to use the PayBy app to pay their taxi fare, PayBy will also distribute time-limited payment vouchers to users on the PayBy app, which can be used to pay fares.Moreover, PayBy will provide incentives for taxi drivers to support the success of the online payment initiative.

The emerging fintech company PayBy is helping to accelerate the digital transformation in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through a series of landmark partnerships signed over the past few months;

As the company recently entered into a partnership with the digital payment system for the unified Abu Dhabi government services platform “Tamm”, enabling customers to pay fees for government services through the Abu Dhabi payment platform in a smart, easy and secure way wherever they are and at any time, without the need to touch or directly communicate with employees.

It is worth noting that this fruitful partnership enables community members to complete transactions over the Internet using the PayBy application, without the need for credit or debit cards.

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