The police in Groningen have arrested the skipper of the German cargo ship that landed against the Gerrit Krolbrug in Groningen in the night from Friday to Saturday.

The national unit of the police reports that the skipper has been arrested "in the act" and that his statement is being recorded on the desk.

The technical investigation is still in progress.

The ship collided with the Gerrit Krolbrug around 1.00 am.

The bridge over the Van Starkenborgh canal was severely damaged as a result.

Due to the collision, the bridge is skewed in the pivot and the traffic light has broken off.

The bridge will remain closed for the time being.

Shipping traffic is obstructed.

Nobody was injured in the collision between bridge and ship.

A scooter rider who was driving on the bridge at that exact moment fell from the impact of his scooter but was released with a fright.

The skipper of the ship Bodensee had to take a breathalyzer test, but it showed that no alcohol was involved.

Because it was dark, the ship was on radar.

It is possible that something went wrong there, says a spokeswoman for the National Unit.


Drone films damage to a bridge rammed by ship in Groningen